Friday, August 30, 2013

A Birthday Letter To You, My Son!



Wow.  When I first laid eyes on you, you were ten {with a birthday around the corner}.
When you came home you were eleven {with a birthday not too far off}.
The next year we got to enjoy your first-ever celebrated birthday on this day, as you turned twelve.
Why then, am I amazed that you are now turning THIRTEEN?!?!?!?!?

I am so excited to celebrate YOU!  You, Sami, our precious and amazing SON!  You never cease to amaze me with your dancing eyes, your joyful soul, your contagious smile, your kind and loving heart, great sense of humor, and the countless countless times you have {successfully} tried to scare me!  :)

You have brought such love, joy and laughter into our home!  Before you boys came home, I would sit here at home.  In the deafening silence.  And dream of the day that God would fill our home with the "noise" of love and joy of children.  OUR children.  I would dream of hearing the giggles of laughter and the pounding of feet across our hardwood floors, as much fun was being had by them; and I envisioned me smiling huge as I would look up to God with a heart full of praise.

I was dreaming of the day when our home ~ and our lives ~ would be blessed by YOU and KALEAB!

And now, daily, I get to experience it all!  I get to experience the joy of YOU!  With my dreams far surpassed by BOTH you and your "wundhim," Kaleab {but this post is about you, birthday boy}!

My heart is filled to overflowing and YOU are a BIG reason for that!  I felt the holy spirit goosebumps when I first met and talked with you in Ethiopia, feeling as though God was telling me that YOU were our son!!!  And now, each day I am moved by how you continue to bless my heart in some small or big way, just by being YOU!

It is my hope to love you to the best of my ability, and beyond.........praying that God will help me love you beyond what love my humanness can provide.  I pray that God will fill any void in our parenting that maybe only He can see.

It is my prayer that you will never EVER wonder where you belong.  Or wonder who you can trust.  Or wonder who loves you unconditionally.  Yes, as you know, God loves you in this way!  {I am so GRATEFUL you already know HIS agape love!}  It is my hope and prayer that you forever know that such unconditional love also flows to you from your father, brother and me!

It is my hope that you will witness in the flesh {via your father and me} a Christ-like love.  Every day.  Not matter what you may be experiencing - in or outside of our family - I pray that you will always know a trust and love in the safety of this family.  Your family.

It is my desire to bless you abundantly, my sweet Sami.......while leaving room for God to build the character He created You to have.

It is my goal to protect you as best I can........while allowing God to use life's happenings to further build your divinely determined character.  And draw you deeper into Him.  May my mama's heart and desire to protect and provide never cheat you of such invaluable lessons.

It is my dream for you to never know pain, my son.  Physical or emotional.  Yet, this is not reality.  Avoiding such hurts threatens to lessen your connection with our Heavenly Father, as it is in such times that you will draw nearer to Him.

Therefore, instead, it is my dream that you will forever know that God, dad and I are here for you in whatever pain life may toss your way.  May God continue to grant us the privilege to love you through such times.     May you always trust and know that we are here for you.  Always.  And forever.

YOU have already given me so much, my son.  More than words can express.  More than you may ever know.  It is my desire to bless you.  Every day of your life.

I am proud of the young man you are.  And the man I see you becoming.  God is deep within you.  And I pray we teach you well how to continue deepening that relationship with Him.  And I pray that God continues to deepen your relationship with us, your mom and dad.

A Mother's Love is immeasurable.  I'm not sure how to even describe my love for you, Sami.  But God knows.  He knows how to tell your heart.  On my knees, I ask Him to do just that.  To tell your heart of the love dad and I both have for you.  Just because you are YOU!  Just because you are our SON!

May this upcoming year be even more blessed than the previous.  If that is possible.

Making his birthday wish!

All My Love...............To The Moon and Back!!!


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