Wednesday, August 3, 2011

URGENT and FERVENT Prayer Needed!

Wow.  I feel like a zombie walking through a nightmare.  Totally unexpected.

The clock is ticking.  Courts close in 36 hours (Ethiopia timeline).

AWAA called me at work today to tell me got our MOWCYA letter.  However, it was a REJECTION letter!!!!  Floored.  Flabbergasted.  Devastated.  Never even thought about this as a possibility!

We have been praying and praying, asking God to give favor over our adoption; asking Him to get ALL of our waiting-after-court families a letter from MOWCYA before Friday.  Never dreamed our letter would be a rejection letter!

What does this mean?!?!?!?......................

Well, a recent email from our FC at AWAA told me that almost 50% of families receive a rejection letter the first time.  I must admit, this at least eased my mind that this is not some rare and high-risk potential of losing our son!  I've known plenty of families whom MOWCYA needed more information before writing an approval letter, but I was unaware that this request for more information was accompanied with a rejection letter.  PRAYING this is just a "routine" rejection.

Not sure what to think.  In panic and desperation, I posted on FB a request for URGENT and FERVENT prayer.  And I post the same request here.

AWAA will not find out WHAT MOWCYA needs to provide an approval letter until sometime tomorrow.  Please join us in PRAYING that whatever it is that they need, it is something that can be provided with ease and efficiency ~ so that MOWCYA can provide an approval letter BEFORE the end of the work day Friday (keep in mind Friday comes 9 hours earlier in ET than here).

We are SO GRATEFUL for our agency, AWAA!!!  They have kept us up-to-date, even though the news was not good today.  This allows us to pray specifically, and ask all of you to cover this in the POWER OF PRAYER!!!  AWAA assures us that they will do all they can to try to fulfill MOWCYA's request for information with expediency ~  to beat these looming court closures.  THANK YOU, AWAA!!!

If you are on FB, an we are friends, and you have already joined us in prayer, I THANK YOU!!!  We feel the covering of prayer!  I have gone from feeling like the wind got knocked out of me from being SMACKED with a 2x4, unable to even breathe one feeling as though I can now breathe again.  kind of. sort of......... 

Trusting God to move mountains on behalf of Baby K.  Although I feel I am at my ropes end, and my emotions cannot handle one more loop-dee-loo, I pray this more for the sake of our son.  May God grant "K" less time in an orphanage and more time with Mommy and Daddy.  At HOME!!!   

Lord, we know that you LOVE our son.  Even more than we love him.  Crazy to think that is possible.  Knowing this, and knowing that you desire to bless your believers abundantly, we gently lay our son ~ the creation of our family ~ again at your feet.  We ask you.  Beg you.  Plead, in fact, that your will maatch our hearts desire.  To finalize this adoption of our precious son BEFORE court closures.  We trust that you hold him in your loving arms, as you work out the amazing details of bringing him home.  To us.  

May you move in a mighty way these next few hours.  May your will be done.  Thank you, Lord, for loving Baby K.  Thank you, for loving Jeff and me.  Thank you for all you are doing to bring us together.  May our family be showered in your love, mercy, grace and protection.  May ALL of the families awaiting MOWCYA letters experience your monumental movement in these next hours!  

THANK YOU for joining us in prayer!  Please pray MOWCYA just needs some easy piece of info that can be obtained before closures!  And please ask God to cover our AWAA advocates, as they try to finalize this adoption for us.  

Will keep you posted.  In the meantime, please stay with us, fervently praying.  

Praying.  THE MOST POWERFUL thing we can do.  Bless you for every word sent up to our Heavenly Father on our behalf.

Please God, Please God, PLEASE!! Show up BIG!!!!


the_blissful_mommy said...

here and on my knees with you, my friend and sister. xoxox Esty

Karen said...

praying fervently for you. ~Karen Wistrom

*Overflowing* said...

darling, darling friend...I am praying continually! Takes me back to when we were losing our Cana. God is faithful my friend...He wants these babes home!! He has brought you this far...He will not leave you here!!

Anonymous said...

Debb, and Jeff, we love you guys, and pray that God will calm your hearts, lovingly hold your son, and move all the paperwork under the stamp of "APPROVAL". Hang on...the ride is not over :)
Jeff & Sherri

Dan and Chrissy said...

Keeping you and your hubby... and Baby K : ) in our prayers! Soon, we will all be looking at your first Family Photo!!!

Shannon said...


Kelly said...

Joining you and many others in prayer for your son and the other children waiting while so close to coming home!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you today!!

wrightkellyd said...

Friend, I have prayed for you since purchasing one of your shirts quite awhile ago. I know how you are feeling now, so much uncertainty, so much grief . . . we also had a MOWA rejection letter, but God is faithful, so so faithful. We now have two Ethiopian children, one home with us, the other still in Ethiopia (we are awaiting Embassy). We pray fervently for you as you wait, for God to bring your baby home, and for you to know his peace in the meantime. You have been so graceful as you have waited. To God be the glory.

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