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{Ok, so I wrote this in a timely manner, but it appears actually posting it took a couple more days!}

To most peeps, today is New Years Eve.  An exciting day that marks the end to another year of life.  This day carries such meaning for our family as well, as we reminisce of another FABULOUS year shared together as a family!.................

But to us, this day has another ~ even more significant! ~ meaning..........

TODAY marks the very day TWO YEARS AGO that Kaleab was placed in our arms and officially in our family FOREVER!!!!

Oh, how the feelings still flood me, as I vividly remember the exhilaration of seeing and holding my baby again (it had been a loooong five months since doing so!).  The gush of joy that overwhelmed me, knowing that we would never have to leave our baby again will never be forgotten!  EVER!

At the first few seconds of our reunion, Kaleab seemed a bit confused.....kind of like, "I know I know you, but where have you been?"...and "I have been playing with Sami every day but why is he here too?  How do you know him?"  No tears or pulling away, just deep thoughtful looks as he took it all in.  Moments later he was openly sharing his happy-go-lucky and loving, cuddly self with us!

Our family story truly began before we ever even saw the precious faces of our two boys.  Our love for both of them grew deeper every day ~ long before Kaleab's referral or meeting Sami.  Yet, oh the GIDDYNESS of realizing the reality of starting this family was beginning THIS DAY!!!  {a big 'ol overjoyed Mama Eeeeeeekkkkkk inserted here!} 

THIS was the day we got to walk out of that Transition Home, carrying our babe in arms, hearts full of an indescribable JOY that our baby was finally ours!  He was finally coming HOME with us!  No more tears shed in the rocking chair in his nursery wondering who he was; then wondering how my sweet baby was being cared for.  No more!  He was coming home with US!  His God-given Mommy and Daddy!

This little peanut was more than we could have ever hoped for!  His joyful spirit and smile we had quickly come to know back in July that year (Court Date weeklong visit) was still a genuine part of him, and he willingly shared them with all three of us, his Mommy, Daddy and Brother.  

And it has been BLISS ever since!

I love having FAMILY DAY!  Such a wonderful time to look back at pictures and remember those intense feelings of JOY, GRATEFULNESS, and feeling GOD'S FAITHFULNESS.  Such feelings still infiltrate my heart daily, but it is especially fun to intentionally look back upon this miraculous story of God's love and grace on this particular day!

We celebrate you today, Kaleab!  
And all the love, laughter and joy that you have brought into our lives!

 I had a great helper making ET cookies
for the days' celebration!
And of course, Peanut was keeping us entertained.....

 {sorry, Daddy, not the best pic of you, 
but you look this tired in all of them after two long weeks 
of being on call for the entire territory!  we still love ya!}
Sweet Kaleab, 
We love you more than words can say!  You are beautiful on the inside and out!  I am mesmerized by how you seem to change and learn something new daily, as well as by the sweetness and tenderness of your precious little heart.  

What an INCREDIBLE way we started 2012!  What an incredible way God created our family!  What an AMAZING story of how God gave us YOU!!!

I love you, Peanut........To The Moon and Back!

I would be remiss to leave out another significant reason that this time of year fills us with overwhelming JOY and GRATITUDE......

You see, in addition to this AMAZING reunion with Kaleab, marking the official start of our FOREVER FAMILY, we were also able to unite with Sami for the first time as OUR SON!!!  

We had signed all the paperwork in October and were awaiting our early January Court Date to finalize our adoption of Sami!  We had not seen him or spent time with him since that brief initial meeting back in July!  

Remember me sharing the scenario of seeing him and speaking to him and feeling as though God was shining a light on him alone, making him stand out to me as our son!  My son!  I knew it from deep within then!  And I knew it even deeper within when I held him and hugged and kissed him this time around as his Mom!!!

Wow.  Cannot even begin to accurately relay my hearts' emotions experienced over these days!  I was soaking in every minute, yet feeling like I was living in a dream.  Our boys!  My boys!  My heart's dream ~ in the flesh!

Only God.

Only God.

Only God could make my life this good.  So much better than good!  

Only God could implant a dream on my heart and then fulfill it beyond my wildest imagination!  

And He continues to do just that.  Fill my dreams beyond my wildest imagination!

Praising Him today!  Thanking Him, continually!  For planting the dream of family upon my heart.  For creating my family in such awesome and amazing and miraculous ways.  For loving me enough to gift me better than my dream, in my boys and in my endearing husband!

With Gratitude, I bring 2013 to an end.

With Excitement and Joyful Expectancy, I welcome 2014.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, dear family and friends!!!

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