Friday, January 10, 2014


My baby rests.

After a full and fun day today.

You see, Kaleab and I had what he dubbed as "A Potty Party!"

It really was a FUN day!  We spent the morning as usual, waking up slowly {how he likes it}, playing a bit and reading, then breakfast.

Of course I let him drink twice as much juice as I normally let him drink!  Anything to fill his bladder for the Potty Party, right!?  {wink}

The next four hours were spent focusing on "potty" things, based on the book "Toilet Training in Less Than 24 Hours."  What can I say.  This.Book.ROCKS!!!

I got to spend my entire day with nothing to do but focus on my little peanut, play with him at our "party," let him drink and eat his favorite things {which he LOVED!......Pretty sure this is what made him feel like it was a party!} and fill him with praise and giggles with every success along the way!

A day doesn't get much better than this!!!!!!!!!!! {huge mama grin inserted here}

My little guy caught on amazingly quick, and he had his nearly independent first successful void in less than an hour!

Though there were a couple of accidents speckled throughout, the day was full of multiple independent "pee-pees in the potty!" This sweet boy not only learned the independent steps to void; he also learned how to empty the potty bowl all by himself, clean up any potty messes on the floor (yes, there was one) as well as how to put his wet pants in the hamper AND put on his clean dry pants!

Not bad for four hours!!!!

So proud of my peanut!!!

Tomorrow we will continue to work on his recognition of a "potty urge"and see if his repetitive practice today carries over!

Cute little things he said throughout our day {more for my memory of the day, but I think you might giggle along with me}...............

"No, Dolly.  No pee-pee in pants!............We love you!..........No pee-pee in pants!"

"Mama!  We are having a party!"  "A FUN party!" as he giggles and grins {drinking yet more root beer ~ to fill his bladder.  yes, I said root beer.  not on a normal day, but hey!  anything to encourage him to drink every few minutes!}

"Mama, this a Potty Party!!!" 

I told Ka he would receive the Disney CARS character RED the fire truck when he did a big pee-pee in the potty.  He was really trying to void but without success.  While sitting on the potty he waved his hand at me and said, "You can just go get me Red, Mama.  I can have Red now."  Bless.his.heart.

"YAY, Kaleab!!!  YAY me!"  {following my enthusiastic praise for doing his first big pee- pee in the potty.  i was getting him the aforementioned promised fire truck and he was standing in the kitchen awaiting his cherished reward}

Very audible (and cute!) grunts, groans and moans ~ with eyes squeezed shut ~ and chin up in the air ~and me, trying my hardest to stifle my giggles....."Mama, I can't go.  Can you help me get it out?"  {yes, yes.  this is where the lesson on sitting Relaxed was learned}

Me:  "Kaleab, do you think we should try to go use the potty?" {while slowly walking toward the BR}
Kaleab:  "No, Mama.  I don't want to use the potty."
Me:  "Kaleab, do you feel like you need to go potty?"
Kaleab:  "No, Mama.  No.  I don't have to go potty."
Literally two seconds later {before I could even get him to the BR} he was standing in a puddle of pee.  The look of bewilderment in his eyes melted my heart.  It was a look of "How did that get here!?" Sweet boy!

After his third and final accident today, in the latter half of his "Practice" trials, he says, "This is hard work, Mama.  I'm tired.  I can be done practicing now." {I think this is the time that the effect of "Practicing" had it's greatest impact}

Sami came home from school and Kaleab was so proud to tell his big brother, "Sami!  I went pee-pee in the big boy potty!"

At dinner, {the day's activities were bouncing around in his head} Kaleab randomly asked, "Daddy, do YOU like wet pants?" 

I captured only a few pictures, as we were both quite busy all day long.  But I find the pics to be priceless!

Love You, Big Boy!
And SO PROUD of you!

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