Thursday, March 27, 2014



Had I known it was going to be this fun and easy ~ THANKS TO JENNIFER JORDAN! ~ I would have tackled it long ago!  Ha!

There is still some work to do with some of the links and menu, but the majority of it is DONE!  And I am too excited not to share!  I feel like I just got a totally new hairstyle! Or like I just bought a new wardrobe!  Or just left the MAC counter with a beauty make-over!  Only, this is my poor neglected blog that got the refreshing new look!  YAY!

Seriously, I cannot rave highly enough about Jenn!  She is the absolute BEST!  She humored my requests to try different things, she listened to my desires and literally brought to life any idea I breathed or dared to whisper!

She is absolutely A-MAZING!!!!

If you ever entertained the idea of giving your blog some bling or a whole new "lift," Jenn is your girl!!!  If you want to create or update your etsy site or FB page, she can do that too!  I am convinced she can do ANYthing!!!  {wink}

I feel blessed by her talent and privileged to work with her.  Jenn's heart is huge, her talent is vast, and her ability to bring to reality whatever mind-picture you may have is incredible!

THANK YOU, Jenn!!!

Click on her link to learn more!

Sooooo, now that I have this fresh new look, you can count on hearing from me more often!!!  {big grin}

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