Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Love Never Fears

THANK YOU to all who have been inquiring about BABY SIS!!!!

I have been a bit quiet here because we have been SO BUSY getting things ready for her!  {insert excited Mama grin here}  We have been remodeling all three kiddos bedrooms as of late and it has been super duper FUN ~ and, admittedly, a bit fatiguing!  ;))

Her nursery is almost ready and our hearts are overflowing with excitement!  In a matter of days we will be holding our sweet baby girl!!!!

My Dad and Doreen came for a wonderful visit and just left yesterday.  It was planned before getting matched with Baby Sis and Doreen would lose her vacation if they didn't keep it as scheduled.  I'm still walking around with a bit of a void from their departure yesterday, as it was a great time shared with them.  And the rest and relaxation was more needed by me than I realized!  Miss you already, Dad and Doreen!

Okay, so here's the scoop………

Baby Sis is due the end of the month.  There are no signs of dilation at this time.  Looks like she is going to be better at being on time than her Mama!  {wink}

We are awaiting "the call" that tells us things are just beginning to look like progression.  We will then hop on the very next flight and hope that we arrive in time for me to be in the delivery room!!!!    Yes, you heard that correct!  Birth Mom wants me in the delivery room!  Shaking my head in amazement.  Now the trick is to get there in time.  {Please God, Please God, Please!}

Can I go to FL early?  Yes, yes I can.  And I may, if she doesn't show any signs of arrival by this weekend.  We shall see.  We also know that we will be staying in Florida for an extended time following her birth, to await the processing of paperwork.  Trying to figure out the logistics of the best plan for all family members, right now.

After all, having never left Ka overnight, leaving him for two weeks and coming home with a baby would NOT facilitate a good transition to becoming a big brother.

The "plan" right now is that we all go down together and begin the family bonding immediately.  Cannot wait!!!!  So hard to believe this is right around the corner!!!

I am a planner.  I like to know how things are going to fall into place ahead of time.

I have none of that right now.  No set plans.  No clear understanding of how things will go.

And I am okay with it!  It's a God thing, I tell you! ;))

We are feeling God's peace that this is our sweet baby girl.  Yes, we are keeping in mind that Birth Mom has the right to change her adoption plan at any time and choose to be the best family for this little blessing.  We walk forward aware of this, but striving to not let it scare us.

My sweet sister sent me this picture last night (amidst a battle of not letting fear win).  It is the constant message God has been sending me in various forms from the very first day of stepping onto this beautiful adoption path.  I just have to share it here!

I was condemning myself a few days ago for not protecting my heart in all of this.  For diving in full board and walking forward without fear.  Every.single.time I begin to question if I should be walking in such confidence, I receive a gentle reminder of this very saying!!!

Love never holds the hand of fear!!!

How can I go wrong loving this child I have not yet seen?  Pregnant women do so, not knowing if they will miscarry……

How can I go wrong loving Birth Mom?  She is a strong, brave and courageous woman who only wants what is best for Baby.

God is love.  I can never go wrong in choosing to love.

And so, we continue to walk forward.  Hoping.  Trusting.  Loving. 

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Stacey L said...

Praying for you, Debb, and your family as you wait for your little girl!! So exciting!

Nate and Pam said...

I can honestly and truly say that I know EXACTLY how you are feeling!!!! I was there just a short time ago (although with only 8 days notice) and the emotions are H.A.R.D. I had a few moments of complete and utter fear, but then I stopped and CHOSE to love BM and BD and Baby Girl and that God would take care of the rest!!! I can't wait to hear your good news and to see PICTURES of your new blessing!!!!! ~Pam~

Debb said...

THANK YOU! THANK YOU, Ladies! Your encouragement, prayers and support are SO FELT! This has been such a God thing from the start that I cannot wait to see what He has awaiting us this next week! HUGS to both of you, Stacey and Pam!!!!

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