Sunday, October 26, 2014

….And…We're Off!

The boys and I are heading off to Florida bright and early this morning!  We are filled with excitement, anticipation and joy!

It was SO PRECIOUS!  Tonight at dinner, sweet S was asking if he could be the first one to hold Baby Sis!  When told he likely would not be, he immediately began jockeying for second position!  Gotta love how both boys already LOVE their sister!

Birth mom had an appointment Friday, but I have not yet heard as to what is her current dilation status.   It was only a centimeter a week ago.

Knowing how quickly things can progress, we are getting to Florida ahead of time in hopes of honoring birth mom's wishes for my presence in the delivery room!  Oh, who am I kidding….these are my wishes too!  {wink!}

We will definitely keep you all posted as Baby Sis' due date of Oct 31st is just around the corner!

Please keep in mind that, although there is no reason for us to believe that things will altar from the established adoption plan, we appreciate prayers that God will continue to amaze us with His divine orchestration of this miraculous adoption journey!

Jeff is staying behind until "the call" saying that Baby Sis is about to make her debut, and then he will join us as fast as the plane with fly him!  Jobs.  They are an awesome blessing, but can really interrupt my ideal plans.  Know what I mean!?!?  ;)

THANK YOU to our wonderful house and dog sitter!  I am thankful to have one less thing to worry about knowing it is YOU caring for our fur babies and home!

We are ever so grateful for all of your prayers and support and would be lost without the blessed  love of family and friends!

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Stacey L said...

So exciting!! Praying for all your hearts as you embrace the newest little Marquez, hopefully soon!

Anonymous said...

Safe travels for you and your family ... so thankful to God for blessing you as you start another journey! Love you bunches! - Angela Brumfield Church

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