Monday, September 29, 2014


Just watched the movie, "God's Not Dead" as a family tonight.


Blessed my socks off!


Oooohhhhhhh……let me count the ways!  {okay, I won't count, but will share aloud}

By bringing my family together after a busy weekend.

By watching my peanut literally get up and dance wildly when Newsboys sang the movie theme song.  Or when he belted out singing to the Newsboys' songs, started clapping and insisted that the rest of us clap and sing along with him ~ the entire song!  SO PRECIOUS!  {this little guy blesses this mama heart in BIG ways!}

Or maybe it was the brief but sweet discussion I had with Big Brother afterward, as we said prayers.  He comment that the movie "did not end well" because some characters were still sad and amidst life trials.  This provided the opportunity to chat about how faithful God is to walk us through the tough times in our lives.  How He never leaves us alone.  After all, we aren't promised an easy life just because we are Christians, but we are promised the presence of God and His comfort in whatever we go through!  {LOVE this guys heart for God and for others!}

I was also blessed by the scene when the sweet older lady, struggling with dementia, spoke to her son regarding her life struggles vs his lack of struggle.  In her one lucid moment of the movie, she responded to his comment regarding how he, a non-believer, is so happy, healthy, successful and living a  perfect life ~ while she sits with dementia after living a life of faith in God, prayer, and kindness to others.  She explained this "imbalance" by saying that sometimes God may allow bad things to to happen, in effort to keep us drawing closer to Him.  She went on to say that satan deceives non-believers into thinking that life is grand and comfortable so that their self0sufficiency keeps them from needing or seeking God.  {thus, in keeping them seeking temporal things for happiness, they miss God's true, real real eternal joy!}

Oh, and I loved the point made that RISK determines the value of BELIEF!!!

And I would be remiss to forget the statement that stood out to me about how walking out life with God isn't always easy……….but it is simple.

It's about loving God, loving people, accepting Christ and standing up for what you believe in!

Yes, yes.  It was all the above that blessed my socks off!

Soaked in every morsel of this movie and highly recommend it to everyone!  God-lovers, God-haters, and anyone in-between!  A MUST SEE!

Feeling rich in His love tonight.  So beyond blessed to call Christ my best friend and lover of my soul!


If you haven't seen the movie yet and want to see the trailer, click this link!

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