Friday, September 5, 2014

More than a Football Game!

Did he grow up watching American football on TV?  Nope.

Did he grow up playing American football with his family and friends?  Nope.

Has he watched football on TV since coming home?  Yes, some.

Did his lack of experience or understanding of the game hold him back from going out for his seventh grade football team this year?  Heck no!  Not my son!  {insert proud mama grin here}

This amazing boy, I am so privileged to call son, has trained for less than two weeks with his team, and he ROCKED the football field during their game Wednesday!  

First game of the season….and first in his life!

I absolutely LOVE how this sweet boy let's nothing hold him back!  What he doesn't know, he isn't afraid to learn.  What he is interested in doing, he does.  

Courage is not only dreaming but coming out of our comfort zone to become the best version of what we can be.  Courage reminds us to stand up when we are afraid.  The courage our son is showing us today, will carry him FAR in his life ahead!  May he always have this courage to be the best he was created to be!

I'm not sure where he gets the energy to do it all!  {a benefit of being young, I guess!} He leaves the house at 7am for school, has football practice immediately after school, comes home for a snack and a bit of homework and heads to the soccer fields for practice!  Yes, that's right.  TWO practices a night for three days, anyway!  

I stood on the sidelines watching our son, admiring so many of his wonderful traits:  yes, his Energizer bunny endurance and his natural athletic abilities {regardless the sport}; but also his zeal for adventure and learning new things; and most importantly…….his courage.  His courage to step out of his comfort zone to become the best he can be.  His courage to stand strong ~ in football and in life ~ even when afraid.  

Though feeling intimidated, standing on that football field for his first-ever American football game, playing a game he barely understands, he stood strong!  He got after it!  He played roles he didn't even know existed.  He even performed a never-before practiced on-side kick!  He wasn't afraid.  And when he was, he did it anyway.  He did it afraid.  That is the kind of courage I pray he has all the days of his life!

God sure has His hand on our son!  He has incredible plans for him, and we are beyond blessed to live out those plans with him!  Cheering him on from the sidelines.  This sweet boy adds so much love, adventure and excitement to our family and lives!

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