Saturday, August 2, 2014


There is an added flair of EXCITEMENT running through our home tonight!!!

We will be meeting Birth Mom and Birth Dad in a couple of weeks!!!!

You heard me right!  We will soon be flying to FLORIDA for a face-to-face meeting over lunch…...and wherever else God leads us…..

Our time together will include witnessing an ultrasound of Baby Sis!!!  Jeff and I are THRILLED to have an exciting and positive ultrasound experience!!  Hard for us to imagine actually being able to "see" our sweet Princess!!  We cannot wait to "meet" her!!


The excitement of this upcoming adventure is intensified for the boys, as we just shared with them the newsflash that we will also be visiting……..DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!

Both boys are pretty giddy with the discussions of Disney, and I don't think either one of them can really grasp all that awaits them!!!  I so LOVE how God is in the details!

Exciting adventure awaits us!  And its just around the corner!  Our excitement is bubbling over!

Please join us in covering our meeting with birth mom (BM) and birth dad (BD):
May each one of us feel God's presence in our time together and thereafter.  May God cover all of us with His peace, strength, love and joy.  May He fill us with His words.  Words that can bring answers, assurance, a peace and calm to the hearts of the birth parents, as well as ours.  May both BM and BD be able to walk away assured that, amidst the bittersweetness of adoption, they can carry divine peace in their hearts, knowing that we will love, cherish and treasure their daughter always and forever.

May this meeting bring us all closer together as we walk further down this incredible journey called adoption.  May God fill these two amazing birth parents...who lovingly and bravely chose life and adoption for this precious baby girl...with an understanding of how Amazed we are by them….how much we Respect them….and how Grateful we are to them for choosing us!

And as always, hoping you will continue to cover Baby Sis in prayer for safe and healthy development as well as a knowledge of how LOVED she is ~ by her Heavenly Father, her birth parents, as well as us, her Forever Family!

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The Mulder Family said...

Thinking about & praying for you. I remember these meetings all too well. God's plan is perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all! Praying His glory shines so bright throughout every detail!

Debb said...

THANK YOU for your kind comments! And YES! God's glory DID shine throughout every detail! Twas an amazing thing to experience! <3

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