Friday, July 25, 2014


Three years ago this week……We held our precious baby boy in our arms for the very first time!

He continues to bring amazing and unfathomable love and light into our lives!

Sharing a few snippets of our first day with peanut…..a magical day, indeed!  (July 17, 2011)

 Those last minutes of waiting to meet our son 
were a bit overwhelming in a good way!

 Sweet Nanny bringing him to us.
First time our eyes laid upon him in person!

 It was as if he immediately knew we were His Mommy and Daddy!

 Oh how he LOVED our kisses!
Still does!

 He loved holding my finger and gazing into my eyes
while getting his baba.

Hi Da-da!
Hi Mommy!

 Our cuddle bug!

Thankful every day for God's faithfulness, goodness and steadfast love.  He brought us to peanut and peanut to us.  A match made in heaven!

I had never dreamed life could be so rich.  So full.  So blessed.

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