Sunday, June 8, 2014


Seven years ago today I married my best friend.
My soulmate.

The dreams we shared seemed unstoppable.
The love we shared ~ unmatched.
The road we walked together was full of promise, adventure, hope and faith.

Seven years later.........

Our dreams have been surpassed, and continue to blossom;
Our love has grown deeper with every day;
And the road we travel together continues to be blessed with promise, adventure, hope and faith!

I am awed by our first seven years, and am filled with excitement at the thought of a lifetime love with you, Honey!  You make my days better.  You make me better!

And as I soak in the joy, love and laughter that our family brings to my heart, I could ask for nothing more!  I am truly blessed!  You three are beyond my wildest imagination!!!

All GREAT things are worth waiting for........
And YOU, dear husband of mine, are amongst the greatest of blessings in my life!

I THANK GOD for finding me YOU!

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