Monday, June 16, 2014


Have you ever felt like you were hearing God speak something into your life, only to turn your upward gaze away in disbelief?  

Have you ever doubted that God's blessings would flow beyond the amazing glory He has already shined upon you?

Have you ever felt like you knew the direction He wanted you to go, only to dawdle and dilly dally for fear it wasn't really true?  

Have you ever yearned to hear God's guidance, only to doubt what you heard, worried the response was created by your own deep desire rather than His Divine Will?  (even though HE places those deep desires within us!?!?!?)

I have.  

I was doing all the above.  That is, until the flashing lights became undeniable; and the gentle whispers and nudges became full-on Heavenly cheers and prods!  

We are on His path, we know it!   



God isn't finished blessing our family!!!!  Can you even BELIEVE it?!?!?!

We are officially paper ready (paper preggers) to adopt a baby girl domestically!!!

We don't know who she is, where she is (anywhere in the US) or when she will arrive........but we DO KNOW that GOD is already in the details!  He is orchestrating it all!!!!!

*Shaking My Head* in AWE of GOD's GOODNESS!!!!

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Shannon said...


Debb said...

THANK YOU, Shannon!!! <3

Stacey Langelli said...

YES!! Congratulations, Debb and family! That's awesome news! We, too, are paper ready to adopt a baby girl...our little one is in China somewhere. We cannot wait to find out who she is and bring her home. So exciting!
~ Stacey Langelli (Drew Estifanos' mom...our baby boys were roomies at the Transition Home)

Debb said...

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! How EXCITING, Stacey!!! That is so WONDERFUL!!! Excited for you and your family and will add you all to my prayer list!!!! <3

THX Shannon! Hope you and yours are doing wonderfully!!!

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