Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Learning To Ski!

BOTH boys started to learn to ski this past week!  WOOHOO!!!!  It made for a great week!  For me, because I love to ski and have enjoyed doing so with friends, but have SO looked forward to doing it with all.three.of.my.boys!  For Jeff, because he has skied since he was 2 years old, ski raced in college, and has always dreamed of sharing this passion with his kiddos!

Sami's first lesson was Thursday, and he came home HOOKED!  He couldn't wait to go again!  Which happened to be two days later....

Kaleab's first day on the hill was Saturday.....our FIRST FAMILY SKI DAY!

It was incredible!  

COLD.  But the excitement of doing this TOGETHER kept us warm!  {okay, and the hot cocoa afterwards helped too!}

Kaleab was a tough little man!  He endured 8 or 9 times of going up the "magic carpet" and coming down the little hill.  And Sami, well, let's just say that NO ONE would believe it was just his second time on skis!  As with everything else he tries, he is a natural!  And again, is asking for when he gets to go again!  {LOVE IT!}

Sami's lesson was at night on Thursday so pics are few.
The daytime pics are of our first family ski day!

 HAPPY GUY after his first night on skis!

 Oh Yeah, I'm ready to hit the hill for the first time!
{dig daddy's glasses on my head?}

Riding up the hill on the "magic carpet."

 Daddy taking me down the hill the first time.

 Sami lookin' GREAT ~ only his second day on skis!

Taking on a jump already! 

 My three boys!

 Sweet K and mama!

All smiles!

 Our natural skier!

 One fun day!  One happy crew!

 A fun-filled day followed by hot cocoa and food.  
Time to go home.  Until next time.....

 A little more fun on the "throne" 
built by Jeff and Sami at home.


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