Monday, January 14, 2013

A Meet-up with the Mowens!

An additional (and very special!) treat during our visit to Wisconsin.......was getting together with the Mowen family!  You see, both of our families walked out our adoptions together from the very beginning!  Tara and Brad were DTE only 2 weeks before us!  And the irony of it all is that we got to have our first face-to-face meeting in Ethiopia!!!  

Another cute side note is that when Sami was first brought over to the America World Transition House, he was put in the same room as Tara and Brad's older son, Isaiah.  The boys had so much fun together that first day, that they decided to continue the laughter and fun on into the night.....getting themselves scolded and separated for future nights.  They still got to hang together every day, however.

It was so special to meet up with them again in Wisconsin!!!  They are from Illinois but made the 4 hour drive to see us!  Bless their hearts!  We so love them!  It was wonderful to see the boys together again, but it was also a great treat for Jeff and me to see them all too!  They will forever be precious friends to all of us!

We met for lunch and ice skating at this large mall that had an indoor rink.  FUN was had by all!

Tara and her Caleb.  Me and my Kaleab.

All of us, including my niece and nephew.

 Sami and Isaiah created for themselves, over lunch, a contest where they quizzed one another as to what the Amharic word was for various objects.  Pretty sweet.  

All ready for their first time ice-skating!

 Sami, Dylan (nephew) and Isaiah on the rink.

All smiles!
{LOVE my "big" baby....and that smile!}

This is what my "little" baby did while the big kids skated.
Sooooo sweet!

Watching fish swim in an aquarium.

Best of Buds!


mini and brother said...

I'm so thankful you were able to see each other! Precious friendships and precious pictures!

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