Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh, The Beauty!

I awakened earlier than normal this morning, since baby K decided to awaken two hours early.  And I admit to awakening with a sense of loom and dread.

Kaleab was scheduled for a follow-up appointment this morning with his pediatric ophthalmologist.  Yes, the wise doctor who initially found the scars on K's retinas just three months ago.  The last (and only) time we visited her office turned into a two-plus week nightmare for this mama!  The thought of going back to this office kind of gave me the eebie geebies.

We are SO VERY THANKFUL that her previous eye findings ended with God's Glory Shining on our son!!!!  But, oh, how those almost queezie feelings overwhelmed me this morning as I anticipated Kaleab's follow-up appointment.

I didn't expect any bad news, really.  Just dreaded the thought of entering that office again and remembering our last visit.  And, if I must admit, a twinge of fear fluttered in my heart.  Fear that something else may be found this time around too.

I am SO VERY GRATEFUL to report that Kaleab's vision is totally normal!  Not just normal for eyes that have had inutero damage!.........Normal for all children his age!!!!!


Not a day has gone by that I haven't been THANKFUL for both of our sweet sons, but today, as I cuddled my sweet baby to sleep for his nap, my heart light and free and full of relief, I prayed incessantly.  Again THANKING my Heavenly Father for His divine protection over Kaleab's precious little brain, eyes and overall development.  

A renewed sense of JOY and GRATITUDE overcame me as I rocked to sleep our miracle we call son.

And to think........God chose ME to be this precious little one's mama!  My own baby miracle!

Still AWED by it all!!!!

As I type this, the golden glow of Fall gently infiltrates my room and I am reminded of the beauty that accompanies the impending death of Winter.  And the never-ending promise of new life in the Springtime.

And even more importantly, the beauty in our lives, as Christians, when we die to our own desires and lay them at God's feet, allowing His Will to be accomplished in us.  And the newness of life that follows the "death" of our desires and dreams.

Oh, the beauty of this golden Fall day.  Oh, the beauty that surrounds me as I ponder the husband and two sons God has blessed me with.  Oh, the beauty of our Heavenly Father as He orchestrates details in our lives that far surpass any dream we could have imagined!

Hoping this finds each of you also overwhelmed with God's divine work in your lives!


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