Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Has It Really Been a Month?

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!  Has it REALLY been a month since I last posted!  Oh, how time flies when you are having FUN!!!

I am happy to report no more ER visits since I last posted!  Thank Goodness!!!  

The last month has been super busy with Sami starting school (see pics below!) and diving into the business of soccer!  Sami is doing wonderfully well in both!  In fact, after school the Friday of his first week, his teacher pulled me aside to give me *glowing* reports about his understanding and speaking English!  She was floored with how WELL he was doing and wanted me to know her joy over this!  (BIG proud mama grin inserted here)  Sami loves to learn and we never have to ask him to do his homework.....he gets on it right when he gets home from school!

His grades reflect his dedication, as he received FOUR As and TWO Bs!!!  When he shared his grades with me I just squeeled with excitement and he beamed from ear to ear!  We went for ice cream to celebrate and he chose pizza for dinner that night!

Kaleab continues to grow (so fast!) and his vocabulary is blowing us out of the water!  He has so many new words each day!  Two-word sentences are now a norm for him and he is experimenting with THREE-word sentences!  Oh my!  Each new day is an adventure!  He loves to show us affection, which just absolutely melts my heart!  He also loves pulling his wagon and "riding his bike" which is a ride-on toy you propel with your feet.  

Needless to say, we are living the dream with our sweet boys, and that is why I have been so absent as of late!  I will catch you up with a few pics below and will try to further catch you up on the rest of this past month in the next post......with the goal of then staying up-to-speed!  Yay!

I SO LOVE that some of you have emailed or Facebooked or commented on the blog that you miss hearing about our family!!!  And ever so happy to share some pics below, with more to come!

Got Sami a Manchester United soccer jersey and shorts!

 This is him walking in to his room and finding it!

He immediately put it on and kicked the ball
around with dad in the back yard.

"Where are Kaleab's eyes?"

"Where is Kaleab's mouth?"

 K's highlight....."mowing" with Dada!


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