Monday, September 10, 2012

Sami's First Official Soccer Game.

The three days Uncle Duke and Ali were here FLEW by with Sami's birthday and birthday party, but it was cool that they were here to watch Sami's first official soccer game with his team!  It was a beautiful morning and it was such a treat to have family in town to share it with!  Sami played great and his team won the game!

Way to go after it, Sami!

Reminds me of Michael Jordan with the tongue...

 We took the team cupcakes leftover from the night before.
They sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Sami.
He loved it!

 Uncle Duke and Kaleab

Such sweet brothers!

After the morning soccer game, we all got on bikes and headed to the greenbelt, a path that travels alongside the river that goes through the city.  A fun and relaxing way to kind of show Ali the city, yet stay in the nature feel.
 Duke & Ali at BSU

 Stopped for a pic by the BSU Bronco!

 Stopped at a local park.
Our sweet son!

 Some call Ali "Albert" so this was fitting!

 Kaleab always good for making us laugh!

LOVE my brother, Duke!


Marty said...

Waiting for more posts! Pray all is well and fruitful in your family life!

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