Friday, September 7, 2012

Kaleab's trip to the ER!

Sweet Baby Kaleab had his first {and oh, how I wish it would be his LAST!} visit to the ER!  It happened Tuesday night.

He smacked his forehead right into the corner of our HARD solid wood coffee table!  It split his poor forehead right open!  The gaping wound was HUGE!  And the blood was squirting everywhere!

As I tried to pinch the skin together and call Jeff, our poor babe was wailing.  Of course my oh-so-sweet phone {waiting for the iPhone 5 to come out, so hanging onto this one....barely....until then} dropped my call right in the middle of our conversation!  Ugh!

I was able to get the bleeding to slow enough that I could put sweet K in the car seat and drive the quick few blocks to the ER.  Jeff was bringing Sami home from soccer, and they ended up pulling into the parking lot right behind me!  Yeah!

Kaleab was so brave!  He wailed and wailed when they had to inject his laceration EIGHT TIMES to get it numb, and I was right on the table with him, holding his hands and trying to talk "calmly" to him. Okay, so my voice sounded calm, but my insides were anything  but calm!  In fact, at the worst of it, I even started to cry myself.  Still not sure how I was able to disguise that from baby Kaleab!

The doctor kept commenting on how "this laceration is just so huge!"  I wanted to scream, "would you PLEASE stop saying that!  Yes!  I KNOW how HUGE it is!  Can you just focus on fixing it, please!?!?!?"  So glad Kaleab couldn't understand what she was saying!

Bless his heart.  They allowed Daddy to hold and rub his legs, and I was up by his head, stroking his cheek and trying to talk him through the stitching.  They covered his entire face except for the small hole in the drapery that exposed his wound.  Boy, did that freak him out!  Me too, in fact!  I felt so bad he couldn't see me or Jeff!

He kept asking for his "baba" or his "cuppie" or for me to get him "uppie" or asking for the "car"...meaning he was ready to be done and go home.  Oh, sweet boy!  I kept assuring him he could have them as soon as we were done.  I sang to him to distract and calm him, which would work for brief moments, and at one point he even said his version of "Jesus" several times over {i think it was his request of Jesus Loves Me}  Bless his heart.

Well, as the pictures show, all ended well and it appears the doctor did a great job sewing him up.  Sami even said, "It was it is small!"

We go back Sunday to get the stitches out.  They gave you the rundown of brain injury symptoms but Kaleab has been clear of any of them, THANK THE DEAR LORD!!!!!!
 This laceration was HUGE!

 Oh, sweet baby!

 His green "hat" that is holding the numbing cream in place

 Oh, how I prefer OUR jammies to the ER jammies!

 Sweet baby!

 Still awaiting doctor to suture it up......

 All better!  Love my cuddle bug!  
He was SO BRAVE!

Ready for home.  ALL of us were!

Still traumatized.  Well, mama is anyway.  I'm afraid to even turn my back on him now!  The next morning I almost didn't let K sit in a chair that sits high off the ground, until Sami said, "Mom, it okay......he do it every and me right here."  Oh.yeah.  Guess I have to let my baby live outside of a bubble, huh!

Thankfuly, Kaleab is back to his giggly happy self!


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