Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sami's First-Ever Birthday Party!

Celebrating Sami's actual birthday {last Thursday} was WONDERFUL!

And having a birthday party the next day for he and his friends was just as precious!

When I asked Sami a while back what kind of theme he wanted for his birthday party {it took me a while to explain the word "theme"}, once he understood the term he immediately said "SOCCER!"

So, SOCCER it was!  He is on a soccer team whose colors are royal blue and white with a bit of you would guess......that is the color scheme I went with for his party!  I had a blast planning Kaleab's bday party back in February, but knowing that Sami was going to actually grasp that this party was celebrating HIM, I was even more giddy with all the planning and preparing!  {big ol' mama smile inserted here}

Before I let the pictures share the evening with you, let me just say two things.....
1.  If if weren't for Uncle Duke and his girlfriend Ali's help, I'm not sure how much of the planned decor would have actually been put up!  It takes a lot longer to decorate with a cute peanut wanting to "help" you!  :)


2.  Our kitchen faucet BROKE just days before my brother came to visit and Sami's Birthday and Party!  What are the chances!?!?!?!?  Given that our sink is "special" {whatever that means} we had to order the parts and they did NOT arrive in time for our weekend.  Bummer!  Oh the many trips Ali and I made to the bathroom for pitchers of water when washing candy jars and making punch!  {THANKS again, Ali!}

PS...our sink is now fixed.  Whew!  I was whining about not having running water in our kitchen just in time for company and the party, and Jeff sweetly reminded me that many people never have running water in their kitchens.  Uh-hem.  I got the quiet hint to "shut it" as my sweet older son listened to my discontent.  Oh, how important perspective is!!!!

We had almost all of the decorations up by the time Sami got home from school.  It was such fun to see his expression when he saw it all!

We started the party with pizza (Sami's number one dinner choice and hey! it fit the soccer theme!).  Then we played some games that I had planned that were soccer-minded....though the adult vs children soccer game had to be the MOST ENJOYED of all games!  Don't you LOVE how fun just creates itself and surpasses your plans sometimes!!?!??  After the soccer game we had cupcakes and sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Sami.  We then watched a movie on a {rented} big screen in our back yard!  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

 THANK YOU for the yummy cupcakes, Grandpa and Grandma Doreen!
They had a Bavarian Creme filing!  YUM!

Yes, the candies on the right were all blue, white, red and black.

 Oops!  The puch isn't out for the pic!
Oh least we got a pic.

 All set for the movie!
Sami chose the new "Karate Kid"
(I know, not soccer related, but hey! it's his party!)


 Note the kicking board Dad and Uncle Duke made!

 Yup!  Even adults played the kicking/goal game!

 Go, Maril!

 I ordered this sweet shirt for the party and future soccer games.
The outside writing surrounding the circle says, 
"Go, Sami!  Go, Sami!"  
 He enjoyed the playground while the big kids played soccer.

Uncle Duke playing goalie!

Sami gave a big sigh the next day and through his humungo grin, he joyfully said to Jeff and me, "I have all things!  I need nothing!"

Oh, how I love your heart, dear son.  Oh, how I love YOU!  Glad you had a wonderful birthday.  Glad you were home to celebrate it!  Glad we were gifted YOU to celebrate!  Know that we celebrate YOU every day of our lives!!


Abby said...

Wow!! What an amazing party!! Great job!!

Elle J said...

Wonderful!!!! And hundreds more birthdays to celebrate together. =)

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