Monday, June 25, 2012

A Peek Into Our Weekend!

What a wonderful weekend!

Saturday was full of family work and FUN for all of us!

Jeff and Sami decided to take on a project that was started by Jeff and his Dad, when his parents visited us in April.

Our deck has these screens on the top to keep the deck clear of acorns, sticks, leaves and any other debris that wind, squirrels and changes in season bring our way.  Jeff and Dub made two replacements in April, but a few more needed to be completed.

Two were completed today!

Oh, the JOY in Sami's eyes the various times I went out to check on them!  He didn't even realize he was getting a math lesson amidst the project, as Jeff helped him do all the calculations for sizing of "his" screen.  Other than cutting the wood pieces, Sami literally did everything for "his" screen......the drilling, stapling, etc.....and it turned out FABULOUS!!!!

Enjoy some of the snapshots capturing the sweet Father-Son project.

Kaleab wanted to help the boys!


Placing his own drill bit.

drilling.....oh, the PT in me cringes at that rounded back!

Yes, they stripped down to their undies it got so warm!

Playing a little karate chop afterwards...."Mr. Miagi!"

The rest of the day was playing together outside and eating dinner on the deck.  What a great day it was!

Sunday was a blessed day because we were able to dedicate the boys at church!  What a sweet morning it was!  Standing up at the front of the church, surrounded by pastor Trevor, church family and friends praying over Sami and Kaleab ~ asking God to help them become the Christian men God created them to be; and asking God to equip Jeff and me to love and nurture our sons, helping their Godly character to develop and bless this world.

Pretty much my daily prayer!  

Sami was so precious the way he described the morning dedication with Grandpa Merle and Grandma Doreen last night......"Lot's of people prayed for me!"

So THANKFUL to be blessed with two amazing boys with hearts of GOLD!!!!  May God's spirit continue to infiltrate their very beings!


Elle J said...

What a perfect weekend! And Sami will remember that day of building screens with dad - forever!! So precious.

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