Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jeff's FIRST Father's Day!

Father's Day was a sweet day.  For all of us, really!  :)

But it was especially fun to help Jeff celebrate his FIRST Father's Day!

Days leading up to the special day, I began preparations such as figuring out a special breakfast and dinner, gifts, and fun family activities to do with Dad on Sunday.

Sami was so excited to pick out the card for Dad, and he was pretty stoked when he found an "AWESOME DAD" t-shirt that he wanted to gift Dad!

His enthusiasm when I suggested we make Dad a sign for Father's Day was precious.  I drew the letters and Sami did all the cutting, hole punching and weaving of the ribbon to hang the sign!  He even helped me hang it up on Sunday morning!  What an amazing heart our sweet boy has!

 After the sign making, S made himself a hat! 

And of course he made baby Kaleab one too!
Each hat was covered in God stickers ~
LOVE this boy's heart!

Sunday came and Dad was going on an early morning mountain bike ride with a bunch of other Dad's, so we got up early with him and had our breakfast, hung our sign while he prepped his bike, and had him open his t-shirt present before he left the house.

Then, while Dad was on his ride, we dinked around outside with the bikes, croquet, reading, etc.  Here are the boys just hangin' out together while I weed the front flower bed.
 K just crawled right up onto S.  
Too cute.

When Dad came home, Sami got to learn the "Hot/Cold" game when you have someone hunt for a present.  It was fun to watch him as he caught on to the game.  His "hot" "cold" cues kept getting louder the more he caught on how to play!  And Dad loved finding the Bocce Ball game under the table on the deck.

The remainder of the day was spent together relaxing, playing and just being a FAMILY!  The weather was perfect and dinner was eaten outside.  None of us wanted to go back indoors!

I am amazed at how deeply my heart is touched when I watch Jeff be the wonderful Dad that he is.  Whether he is changing a diaper, wrestling with Sami, dressing Kaleab, or making the boys doesn't matter.......he does it with such a gentleness, kindness and melts my heart.  Time and time again.

I always thought those pics of Dad's with their kiddos were sexy, but MAN!  Seeing it on a daily basis with MY MAN and MY KIDDOS!  Ufdah!  More than words can say!

I love you, honey, and I love how you love me and our boys!  God blessed us when He gave us YOU to be the leader of our family and home!


Anonymous said...

As always, thank you for choosing to share your story w/ us. A person is exposed to so much ugliness in the world thru news and print, I'm grateful to have the bright spot that is your story to look forward to. Sara

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