Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sami's Swimming Lessons

Wow, it has been almost a MONTH since I posted on here!  Signs of a GOOD.......GREAT!.......Busy time!!!!

My mom came for a 2 week visit on June 28th!  She just left on July 11th!  It was such a GREAT visit!    The time went by WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too quickly!  It was so great to wake up knowing that we had her here for another whole day, and many more to come!

It was awesome to have her here for Sami and Kaleab's first fourth of July AND for my birthday!!!!  Many of the pictures we took were on her camera and when it came time to download her pics onto our computer, we did not have the correct cord to copy the pics!  SUCH a bummer for us!

I am going to try to post more consistently now, and start with trying to catch us (and you) up on what we have been doing this past month.

Starting with Sami's swimming lessons!  He had so much FUN in his lessons that he asked for more sessions!  Until he learned that it would interfere with some of his soccer camps, then he chose soccer instead.

It was such a treat to walk to the outdoor pool with both boys and watch Sami improve daily while Kaleab explored the pool area.  My heart got sooooo excited with each improvement Sami demonstrated.  It was his huge smile of accomplishment and enjoyment that filled my heart the most!  {my own huge smile inserted here}

His last day of lessons consisted of multiple trips down the hydroslide, finishing with a banana popsicle....then heading straight to the airport to pick up Grandma Faithie (my mom)!

Here are some pics that capture the two weeks of his swimming lessons.............

 Getting the hang of keeping his face in the water with front crawl!

 First time learning back float.

 Learning to turn to the side to breathe.....

 BRRRR......this morning was a bit chilly.....

Loving his lessons and all ready for 4th of July!

 Watching Big Brother swim.....

First time jumping off diving board!
Oh, the freedom of facing your fears!


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