Monday, May 28, 2012

Week Two of Being Home

Last week, our second week home, was rather busy.

In addition to getting Sami his new bike Monday, we met with some people from the School District to have Sami assessed in English and in Math, as well as to discuss what school and what grade he would be starting in the Fall.

The meeting went wonderfully.  We loved the two women we met with.  Sami tested quite well, and surprised and impressed the two women.  Go, Sami, Go!  {mama excitement overflowing here}

Given that Sami turns 12 the end of August, they recommended that we place him in 6th or 7th grade.  We immediately turned down 7th grade, as we were thinking 5th or 6th grade would be more appropriate ~ keeps him in his age range while also matching him emotionally and socially.

We are still praying about it, but it is looking like Sami will begin 6th grade in the Fall!  It also appears that his English Language Learner (ELL) teacher is going to be amazing!  She comes with raving reviews and years of experience, and she is already going above and beyond for our family!  She gives us all a tour of Sami's school next week!

Sami and I work on school things each weekday during Kaleab's 2-3 hour nap.  It is so much fun ~ for us both!  Sami even chose Math over a game one day!

Tuesday we visited the dentist.  Sami needed a general check-up upon arriving home, but he was also complaining of pain in a tooth that was loose.  I was worried that it was a permanent tooth that was loose, but as it turns out, it was his last baby tooth!

So Sami got to experience the TOOTH FAIRY for the first time with his last baby tooth!  FUN that we got to share this with him.  I was in the nursery (rocking Kaleab back to sleep) when Sami awoke the morning after losing his tooth).  I heard him rush out of his room calling, "Mom!  Mom!"  He was so excited to show me his $5 that was under his pillow with his tooth upon awakening!  {even mom will never outgrow fun times such as these!  so sweet to get to experience it with sami at least once!  a love note from God, to both he and me, i am sure!}

Wednesday was tumble time at a local tumble gym with Logan (Sami's age) and Payton who is in 10th grade ~ sons of friends of ours.  The boys had a rockin' time and Jeff and I had so much fun watching them while also keeping Kaleab entertained on the bouncy floor and mats.  Sami loves doing front and back flips, jumping on the trampolines and jumping into foam pits!  Boy did he sleep HARD that night!  Looks like this activity has quickly become a regular Wed night evening affair for our family!

Friday was the doctor appointments for both boys.  I told Sami I wasn't sure if he would get a shot or not. Well,  he did.  He took it like a CHAMP!  The nurse said his arm would ache so much the next day that I would likely need to give him Motrin.  I kept asking him if his arm hurt yesterday and he would shake it (to test it I guess) and the answer was always no.  Whew!  So glad for him!

Poor Kaleab got another vaccine as well, but this time, it was only one vaccine as opposed to three like last time!  I was afraid it was the three vaccines that stressed his immune system enough to give him shingles, and the doctor respected my concern.  Thank you, God!  So far so good.  Kaleab is in good spirits and hasn't skipped a beat since the vaccine.  And he has gained 3 pounds since coming home!  That has increased him from the 10% in weight to the 16th percentile!

Well, that is the quick summary of our second week as a family of four.  Of course, I highlighted the not-so-fun appointments.  I am ever so GRATEFUL to report that there was a lot of fun, cuddles (yes,  cuddles!), love and laughter speckled amidst these events!

EVER so THANKFUL for our boys!!!!!


Elle J said...

I am so happy to read that the transition is going so well - it shows the boys have AMAZING parents who are so intentional and loving. =) Many prayers (already :)) for a smooth transition to 6th grade for Sami. My son will enter 6th in Sept too, turning 12 in Oct. This will be Middle Sch for where we live - how about Sami - will that be Middle Sch or Elementary? xo

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