Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorable Memorial Day

Ufdah!  This keeping up on my blog is more challenging than I thought it would be since becoming a mama!  Though I LOVE that I am so busy with my boys it is hard to find time to write!  ;)

Last week was a great third week home with Sami!  Monday was Memorial Day and what a memorable day it was!  Jeff was on call, though we were blessed to have him with us all day, until he got called in about 8:30pm.

We went on a family bike ride on the greenbelt (a path that travels through town following the river), and played games together, and the highlight was spending the late afternoon and evening with our dear friends, The Andersons'!

I will let the pictures tell you the rest of the story!

 Anna, Gunther, Payton

 Kerry and Jeff

 Sami and Logan in the pool..... the hot tub

Happy (and handsome) Boy!

Wanting to play like the big boys on the trampoline! 

 Sweet soul enjoying the water

 Kaleab didnt think much of getting splashed

 LOVE this one!

 Loving his "dolphin" ride!

 Don't you love how sport settings 
let you capture shots like this!?

More pool fun!

Yes, I really was there and part of the fun, just usually behind the camera whenever it was out this time!

This day was a BLAST of a day!  But I didn't forget to think of those selfless and courageous souls that fought and sacrificed so much so that we could be experiencing the FREEDOM and JOY that we have today!  Such heroism will never be forgotten!

As we enjoyed our family time together with great friends, I also couldn't help but think of other sacrifices that were bring our family together.  So eternally GRATEFUL for God's plan and will for our family, and for ALL that had to be accomplished for the four of us to finally be brought together!

What a memorable day, indeed! 


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