Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wanna see Sami smile!?!?.....

Guess how we started the week?!?!?!?

YUP!  You guessed it!  We got Sami his new bike!  We didn't tell him where we were going.  Just that we had a surprise for him.  We parked in front of the bike store and he was just walking along as normal.  He even took notice of some of the bikes parked out in front of the store, but it still didn't register that it was a bike store and that we were shopping for HIS BIKE!

Watching him, I saw "the lights turn on" and he looked at us, then back at the store, then back at us.....and when he saw our smiles, he knew!  We were there for HIM and HIS bike!  He was practically skipping through the store there was such a bounce in his step and that smile glowed so bright peeps could have seen it blocks away, I am sure!  {big mama smile inserted here}

We shopped a few stores and found a few bikes, but when we hit the third store and he saw THIS bike, it was HIS for sure!  He knew that he knew that he like THIS one better than any of the others his size!  And, luckily, this was his size!!!!

 Look at that SMILE!

 Learning bike control on the sidewalk.

What a glorious evening Monday night was!

The very next day I pushed Kaleab in the stroller while running on the greenbelt (paved path following the river that runs through town), and Sami road his bike!  He would pedal ahead and then wait for me and Kaleab to catch up to him.  It was such a GREAT run/ride!  Though his big bright smile would have made it a glowing day even if the sun wouldn't have been shining that day!

Upon our return from the run/ride, and every day thereafter really, he ends his ride with a huge smile yelling, "TOMORROW!" at the top of his lungs!

And, of course, I am more than happy to say, "You betcha honey!  You betcha!" 


Brandy Wade said...

This MADE MY DAY!! : ) Oh my gosh. Seeing Sami HOME and so happy. : ) Oh my goodness. We are so happy for your family!!

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