Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 Months HOME!

We have now been HOME for two months!!!  Hard to believe!!!  What have we been up to lately?

Well, Kaleab is now consistently using sign language to communicate "all done,""more," "eat" and "help."  He uses his modified version for "help"....but he uses it consistently.....and as long as mommy or daddy can figure out what it is he needs "help" with, it works well!  {wink}

What are some things our sweet babe loves to do?

Well, he loves to turn ANYTHING into a cell phone!  But he especially likes the one we gave him for his birthday.  It has a button that has daddy's voice recorded talking to him ~ for those days daddy is working!

Sweet Kaleab LOVES to dance ~ and has some amazing dance moves too!  The other day he even signed "more"....started dancing....and pointed to the TV!  He wanted me to put in this BABY BOOST video of kiddos dancing to nursery rhymes!  That is a three word sentence folks!  Way to go, Kaleab!  I so had to honor his request ~ given what a great accomplishment he had just attained!  {even though we had the video on earlier that morning, and we limit it to 20 minutes} 

He is really loving his new friend "Scout," a bday present from his twin buddies, Carson and Weston.  He will totally cuddle this sweet doggie that says his name, and knows his favorite food and color!

Kaleab is no longer waking up for three hours at 3am ready to play, THANK YOU, GOD!!!  He is even sleeping pretty good throughout the night again!  We need to go in there 2-3 times a night but we don't mind.  WAY better than trying to convince him to go back to sleep for three hours.......and we are so GLAD we are together so we CAN help him go back to sleep!  :)

Our sweet babe is pointing to everything he sees and is taking in his world with such attention and enthusiasm!  It is awesome to watch him take it all in!  He says "mama" and "dada" and "doggin" {for doggie}, "book, " "ca" {for car} and I think he is starting to say "duh" for duck.  At least he points to his rubber ducky at bath time saying that.  OH is he adorable!

On the down side, poor Kaleab has been dealing with vaccines (yes, zebra band-aids! cute!), SHINGLES and constipation this past week!  Poor, poor baby! The other night was so HARD!  He just cried in pain and nothing we did could take his pain away.  I just held him in my arms and rocked him.  Even cried my own tears for what he was feeling {but tried to hide my tears from him}.  I am happy to report that we may be turning the corner.  He is sleeping better, crying less and he even dazzled us with his gorgeous smile and belly laugh!  Praying we are on the mend with shingles far behind us ~ his blisters are even crusting over.  Shingles be gone!                                                                      

Here are some recent pictures of Kaleab.  I know, I have not been good at keeping the pictures posted.  Guess I am all wrapped up in HIM!!!!  Woohoo!!!!

Looking cute before "night night" time.

Making friends with the rocking lion in my nursery.
{notice I hardly need support to stand!}

 What is with this silly hat?

Okay, I'll give her one good shot before taking it off....

 Oh, yeah, I'm cute in my red for Valentine's Day.....

Trying to learn "blow kisses" Valentine's Day night.

This is how I give kisses! 

 Emptied this out of all toys and climbed right in!

 And proceeded to bury himself!

 "Patty Cake" and "Eensy Weensy Spider" are two of my FAV!
{I'm asked for Eensy Weensy Spider MULTIPLE times per hike!}

 I have some sweet pics of various little friends who have come to visit him, but will save them for another post.

We also have been being blessed with notes and pics of Sami, which help me feel close to him across these 8000 miles.  Nothing like BEING in his presence, but fills my heart nonetheless.  I'll post more on him tomorrow!  :)

HAPPY to have you HOME sweet Kaleab!  I cannot believe this is real!  YOU are our son!  YOU are HOME!  YOU were SO WORTH THE WAIT my precious babe!  I love soaking in every moment with you!  Every moment.  My heart overflows with LOVE for you, my baby Kaleab.  It overflows.......

THANK YOU, LORD, for these amazing and precious gifts of Sami and Kaleab!


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