Friday, April 6, 2012

What is the word on Sami?

I received word from our agency Tuesday this week that things are moving quickly with the gathering of documents that will allow us to be submitted to Embassy for Sami!  All that is now needed is his medical report.  If they receive this by next Wednesday, we will be submitted to embassy next week!  {Praying for this!  Join us?!?}  If this medical report is not received by April 11th, we will be submitted the following Wednesday, as Wednesday is the only day for our agency to submit to embassy.  

PRAYING it is NEXT WEDNESDAY, April 11th!  That would be just 21 days after passing court!  But.....we will still praise God if it is the following Wednesday, April 18th, too!  This means that we should be submitted in at least 12 days!  Wahoo!!!

We are enjoying a surprising number of notes, emails, and FB comments from various AWAA peeps who have met our sweet Sami while they were over in Ethiopia.  It is such a blessing to receive these!  They usually comment on how "amazing" he is, "what a blast they had with him", how "handsome" he is, what a "stellar soccer player he is", "what a great big brother he will be", and what an "incredible boy" he is.

Can you imagine what these words do to my momma heart!?!?!?  How it blesses me to know that other people ~ including those who aren't even delivering him a care package ~ are taking time to get to know him and love on him in our absence!  And what a JOY to know that others also see what his kind and sweet spirit he has!

Sami has such a heart for Jesus that it overflows from him and others can't help but notice what a special soul he is!  What a treat to receive such raving emails about OUR SON!!!!!  An incredibly special boy he is, indeed!!!!

THANK YOU to all who are sending me the emails and notes!  You are blessing our days and helping us feel a bit closer to him with each word you send! {BIG mama grin inserted here}

Below are a couple pics we have received since our time together with Sami in Ethiopia.....
 So sweet to see Sami with Angela & Darrin, our great AWAA 
friends who live in Oregon and will be going camping 
(and more!) with us and their 3 kiddos!  
That is there sweet Josie in Daddy's arms!

Listening to the necklace we sent with our voices 
telling him we love him!

AWESOME to see him smiling so BIG!


 David is our dear friend (and driver) in ET.
Becoming the best of friends!

 Hangin' out of David's van.

Playing with a confetti gun we sent in one of his packages.

Loving life and letting his silly side show!

Another AWAA friend sent me this pic of 
what Sami had written with chalk.  So sweet.

At Bittercreek restaurant celebrating PASSING COURT for Sami!

Waling to the car afterwards

And have every day since!!!!


Desiree McKnight said...

Praying praying praying!!!!! Your pictures are beautiful, thank you so much for sharing, I can't help but smile at all of these!

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