Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday School Today.

While in ET, sweet Sami told me how he loved the Sundays that he got to go to church.

My heart is full knowing that TODAY was one of those Sundays!

How do I know?  Because our sweet friend, Christy Shannon, whom we met while in Ethiopia in July, sent me a note letting me know that (after meeting Sami with our Vineyard friends Friday).....they saw him at church this morning!  Sami recognized them and greeted them on his way out from Sunday school.

It does this mama heart GOOD to know that Sami's heart is getting filled with God today!  And knowing that God is providing Sami with reminders of people who know us and want to shower him with love!  Hoping it helps him feel connected to us, and more importantly, remembered by God!

May your heart be FULL, sweet son!  I love you!


Matthew Lee said...

Hi Debb,

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