Friday, March 23, 2012

Must See!....Sami Video Trailer!

Dad used his great technological skills (that Mom does NOT have!) and made this sweet video trailer of Sami after returning home from Ethiopia in January.  He put together a variety of video clips we captured while in ET.  He then sent it over to me when I was still in ET so that I could download it and show it to Sami.  Sami LOVED it of course!  {big smile}

Can't help but show it to all of you!  Check it out!  It's short but sweet!

{Scroll to bottom of this blog and pause my blog music player, then return to the video and click the play button}


Anonymous said...

THIS is soooo cute! What a gift it will be for Sami!!!

Marty said...

The best movie EVER! What treasures you have for your sons to have for their lifetime and for their children as well! (Whoa, that's thinking too far ahead at this point! LOL

Meleah said...

LOVE it!

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