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Yes, the Ethiopian Courts recognize Sami (pronounced Sah-mee) as OUR SON!!!  We are so OVERJOYED this morning that I cannot even sit still!!!  My heart is beating so fast and all the heaviness it has been feeling due to the court delays have been lifted!  My heart is light and DOUBLY FULL!!!

We feel SO BLESSED by the beautiful boys (on the inside and out) that God has gifted to us!!!!

"The Lord has done great things for us, 
and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

Lord, your handprints can be seen all over our adoption story, and we cannot even begin to THANK YOU for this long, challenging, but on-so REWARDING and BLESSED path that You placed us on!  You have been with us every.single.step.of.the.way!  And you placed in our lives such amazing friends and family to walk alongside us!  We are humbled.  Awed.  Over the moon HAPPY.  And blessed beyond our wildest imagination!!!!!  Thank You, Lord!!!!

Though we knew that once the MOWCYA letter arrived, the judge said she would pass us, but we had NO IDEA WHEN that letter would be written or how long the judge would let our case sit on her desk.  We were floored, PLEASANTLY surprised and EXSTATIC to receive this news!

Oh, how I wish we could BE THERE when Sami learns that "YES!  YOU FINALLY PASSED COURT!!!  YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A MARQUEZ!!!!"  He should learn of this tonight as we sleep!
 He has written his name on the walls by his bed!

SAMI means "on high; exalted one."   Beautiful.  Just like him.  Just like his God-loving, genuine, caring, peaceful, joyful soul.  We are so IN LOVE with our son!  Our time together in Ethiopia was ever so amazing and it was fun to learn more of who he is with each new day!  

SAMI is the reason I had that dream near the start of our adoption process two years ago ~ HE is the precious second child God placed in my dreams to prompt us to be approved for two children!  SAMI is one of our children whom God planned for US from the very beginning!  

Sami and Kaleab are the TWO CHILDREN we feel God promised us four years ago on a trip to Colorado.  On our drive to Jeff's parents' prayed together about our fertility issues and our desire to become parents........and on that trip, shortly after our prayer time......we literally saw DOUBLE RAINBOWS!  Four different double rainbows in a matter of a couple of hours!  Rainbows ~ a Promise from God.  TWO!  We so felt He was telling us He had TWO special children for us!  And He completes His promise today!  Thank You, Heavenly Father!

Our house that was so quiet and yearning for the sound of laughter and children will now be FULL of TWO boys!!!!  Two precious boys that YOU planned for us from the beginning!!!!


I am so excited to share his beautiful face with you, now that our adoption is legal!

Without further ado, I introduce to you our amazing older son, Sami........
Our Sami walking out to meet us as his parents!

 The first picture of the three of us TOGETHER!!! 

Brotherly love.

 My three boys!

 Momma and her sons!

Brothers Forever.

Family.  Cute expression, Sami!

Christmas in Ethiopia!

 Together as a FAMILY for Christmas in ET (Jan 2012)!


Dad and Sami.  Love this.

Having lunch together!

 BSU's newest fan!

I couldn't ask for more!.....

As we celebrate our SON today, know that we celebrate each of YOU as well!  THANK YOU for your continued prayers, support and encouragement along this journey to our boyS!!!!

What happens now?  We pray that the documents needed for Embassy submission are gathered efficiently, though it is taking roughly 5-10 weeks to do this.  Then, US Embassy will have 10 days to respond to us their plan for clearing us and inviting us to return to Ethiopia and BRING.OUR.SON.HOME!!!!

We are hoping Sami is HOME end of May our in June!

Sleep well, my son, resting in the knowledge that God has remembered you.  God has given you the family you shared you prayed for every day.  And He has given Mom and Dad a family that far surpasses anything we could have dreamed or prayed for!

God has blessed the four of us with each other.  He is the center of our lives and our family.  He is finishing what He has started!  He is going to BRING SAMI HOME!!!

We love you, Sami, more than words can say.  Sweet dreams, as you sleep, my son!  May you awaken to this fabulous news!  YOU.ARE.OUR.SON!!!!!


Courtney said...

TEARS OF JOY FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!! You have been through the highs and lows of adoption and I am sooo glad that he is finally yours! Praying the last step goes quickly for you all!

Jessica Lynn said...

Woohoo! I'm so happy for you and your family. Sami is so handsome. I love the family photos and the photos of Sami with his little brother. What wonderful news for you to wake to (and for Sami to wake to soon)!

Unknown said...

So, so thankful! :) God is so good, and we are praying you will be reunited very soon... forever! :)

Alison said...

Oh, Debb! This makes me cry tears of JOY!!! God is so good! Love his perfect plan for your TWO boys! Praise Him!!!

Meliski said...

AHHHHHHH! I cried when I read your letter to him and now he's officially a MARQUEZ and NOTHING can ever change that! :D Love it! So happy for you all today and PRAYING Embassy is a breeze!

Anonymous said...

Deb love how his timing is so perfect! His response to your letter yesterday was to answer your pain and fill the void! The uncertainty he has removed and replaced with expanding JOY! Am so glad and blessed you have allowed us to take these rainbow rides with you CONGRATULATIONS!!

megan m. said...

I cried through your enitre post! We have only had our daughter home a little over a month, despite our having her referral since last March and I know how hard this process is, so I say CONGRATS with as much joy as I can!!!

Meleah said...

That's amazing!!! So excited for you and praying that things move faster than they normally do:) He's very handsome and y'all look like a family already:).

ljwenn said...

So, so happy for you! We don't know each other, but I feel like I know you, as I have been following your adoption through my daughters blog. Your boys are adorable!!!!!!!! I have 3 grandsons from ET, and another coming soon.

Unknown said...

Oh praise GOD! What sweet, sweet news and what BEAUTIFUL pictures of your family! Now the fun REALLY begins! I am SO beyond THRILLED for you all!!

Dawn said...

Tears for you! I wanted to scream for joy when I read this today! Thank God, He has blessed you so fully!

Lari said...

So thrilled to know he's yours! You have beautiful boys Debb! I have all boys and they are just the sweetest things. Enjoy the moment! Praying you'll clear embassy quickly so you can all be together again soon!

Marty said...

What TWO handsome boys you have (3 actually....and that's just the way it will always be! LOL) Can't wait to see the 4 of you out and about. Sami will be home just in time for summer and fall hiking/camping trips! WooHoo! Oh...and a big AMEN! Thank you for your supernatural interventions, Lord!

Anonymous said...

SO happy for you guys! We will keep praying for you guys! Your boys are so handsome!

Karen said...

Tears! Unbelievable relief and joy for your family, Debb! Both of your boys are BEAUTIFUL. So very, very happy for you! Hugs - Karen Wistrom

erica said...

Beautiful!!! Congratulations! We were also blessed with a huge double rainbow on the day that we got our referral for our twin boys! :)

Krohn Family said...

I am so incredibly excited for you and your sweet boys!! God is faithful and it has been amazing watching Him work throughout your journey to bring your boys home! We will continue to pray along side you that embassy would work quickly and efficiently to bring your sweet boy home!! Congrats Marquez family - LOVE seeing those family of 4 pics - God is sooo GOOD!

April D said...

Seriously - tears of JOY! He is BEAUTIFUL. His eyes, his smile, his skin. Perfection. Is it crazy that he looks like Jeff?!?! Saw Jeff all over his face. So happy for you guys!

Ashley said...

EEEEKKKS!!!! This is so awesome to hear! I've been praying for your journey even though we have never met. What cute kiddos! We will continue to pray for your family from up here in Sandpoint.

Anonymous said...

I was privileged to meet Sami when he came to the US and stayed with the Smith family for a month. What a precious boy he is - I prayed off and on that God would provide him a family and I am so very happy that He put it on your heart to make Sami your son! Congratulations and I will continue to pray - for all to be finalized, for Sami's transition as he takes his place in your family, and for his future.

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