Sunday, February 19, 2012

Adjusting Well.

I always wondered what happened to those mamas that stopped blogging upon their return with their child or children.  Not that I didn't know that they were totally bonding and attaching and focusing on their child/ren, but I always thought I would try to stay up-to-date on my blog upon my return.  Oi.

Haven't been doing so great with that goal.

But for GOOD reason, as we really have been focusing on baby Kaleab and developing that trust, bond, attachment and love with our son!!!!

Things have been going amazingly!!!  The night we got home from the airport, Jeff got terribly sick.  That made the first day home very long for me with a sick hubby and jet lagged baby in a new environment.  But it all went well and Jeff was only sick 24 hours and was diving right in to help the next day!

Kaleab is such a GOOD eater!  He seriously eats anything I give him!  Oh, except we did find one thing, so far, that he does NOT beans.  His opinion about that is VERY clear.  He was wearing way more of them than he ate, before we gave up trying to convince him otherwise.  {insert smile here}

We have been trying to live out all we have learned from our Karyn Purvis trainings prior to bringing Kaleab home, and we really see it helping Kaleab to bond, trust and attach with both Jeff and me.  I will write more on that in my next post.

We are THANKING GOD  There are moments that I break out spontaneously in tears ~ my gratitude overflowing.  Literally.

I stare into this sweet baby's face and can hardly fathom ALL that God had to do to orchestrate bringing him into our family.  Not only did He orchestrate Kaleab's physical creation, but He had to divinely guide every detail that brought him to US!  Every thing that felt like a delay to us, was merely God guiding the perfect timing so that KALEAB would become OUR SON!!!......and Big Brother would become OUR SON!!!!

Incredible.  Speechless.

We are blessed by friends bringing over dinner every night since our return!  Can you believe it!?!?  I had no idea just how MUCH having dinner made for us would mean!  To not have to think about a menu, groceries and making  That is all I can say, "Wow!"

So much to be grateful for...........


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