Friday, February 17, 2012

Big Brother Update

Inquired again about Big Brother......and was told that the orphanage says they should get the paperwork correction completed within the next two weeks!

Our agency is not sure if we will need a court date to get the judge to sign off and pass us (which could save us a couple of weeks!).

Praying that BB is legally our son in the next 2-3 weeks!!!!!!

Can't wait to share his name and pictures of his beautiful face with you all!!!!

Thank you for joining us in praying that this all happens in 2-3 weeks OR LESS!!!!!  :)


Elle J said...

I too can not wait until he can turn around in the photo and share his smile!! Lifting you up in prayer throughout my days ... there will be a day soon where this all will come to pass. Praise God!!

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