Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Our house was FULL of LOVE this Valentine's Day!  And what a precious ending to a precious day! 

So HAPPY to be sharing the day with Kaleab at HOME!  What an amazing Valentine's present this year!  

We had fun playing together today ~ his belly laugh still fills my heart to overflowing.  Unfortunately for him, he also had his medical check-up this afternoon, which included a blood draw and two shots.  Poor guy.  Mama got teary when he cried so hard, as it broke my heart to see him so sad.  Thankful being in my arms immediately calmed him.

And we were sending massive amounts of love overseas today to Big Brother!!!!  

My ever-so-sweet friend, Tara, was kind enough to give us the SWEET present of SEEING and TALKING with our "S" today!!!!  She visited the Transition House in the morning {midnight our time} and brought with her an internet card........

..............so that we could SKYPE with our precious son!!!  There is no internet at the orphanage so this was a first time event for us all!  She didn't tell him what she was doing, in case it didn't work out {bless her heart}, so it was a surprise for him to see us!!!

Oh, what it did to my heart to SEE him and be able to talk with him!!!  His smile absolutely lights up his face and melts my heart!  Oh, how my heart is SO FULL!!!

What an incredible way to bring Valentine's Day to an end.

THANK YOU, GOD, for our amazing and precious boys!!!  And for giving me such an outstanding husband to share all of this with!!!

Feeling so blessed! ♥ ♥ ♥

My heart is FULL and HAPPY!!!


Elle J said...

Praise God for friends who help look after our children while we are apart!! What a sweet Valentine's Day!! Yay!!!

Julie H said...

WOW! That is so amazing! Trust and Hope! ....and so much love!

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