Sunday, February 5, 2012


WOW.  What a trip HOME!!!

Parting from Big Brother was difficult, though God covered us those last few days.  Tears rolled, but I really felt S understood we would be back for him as soon as possible!!!  I had a cake made that said, "WE LOVE YOU S*** MARQUEZ!"  And the director of the orphanage gathered all the children and allowed me to express to S that this cake was celebrating HIM and our love for him and how we are excited to come back as soon as we can to bring him HOME!!!!  I could tell he felt special and loved and it helped seal the promise that we would return!

Kaleab and I left Addis Ababa Thursday night at about 10:30pm.  There was no bassinet seat available, so that meant that all 35 hours of the trip would be in my lap!  I openly admit to being nervous about that!  And when Kaleab started crying the first 15 minutes (or at least if felt that long), I got even more nervous!

But he travelled like a ROCK STAR!!!!  I am so PROUD of him!!!

Thirty minutes after arriving in Washington DC, I am sad to say, my ergo carrier was stolen!  YIKES!  This was SUCH a LIFESAVER to me all five weeks in Ethiopia, as well as on my travels up to this point! I was SO BUMMED!!!  Even still, Kaleab travelled wonderfully.  My arms were more tired, but all went well!

We had a scare that we would get stuck in Denver due to the largest snow storm there e.v.e.r!!!  But, God pulled through and brought us HOME Friday night!

We were welcomed by so many amazing and wonderful people, screaming and cheering for us as we walked through the glass doors!  I first saw Jeff waving our huge Ethiopian flag, wearing his bright yellow Ethiopian soccer jersey.  Sweetest site ever!

Then, as I kept walking toward him, I realized all the people that were there with him!  And realized that they were there for US!!!  They all cheered so loud, I couldn't help but cry!  Oh, the emotions!  I was HOME!  I was heading toward Jeff and being in his arms!  AND KALEAB WAS WITH ME!!!!!  It all seemed so surreal!!!!

I felt like I wanted to say a sort of speech or something.  Or have our precious pastor, Trevor, say a prayer or something.  But there was so much cheerful noise and chaos, that it just seemed best to let the positive energy flow!

I cannot find the words to express how MUCH it meant to have so many people there to celebrate with us and praise God with us!!!!!  A very momentous occasion for sure!!!  Here is a sample of the love and celebration at the airport Friday night!  I will post more pictures as I receive them from other friends ~ we were too busy hugging each other and others to take pics!



Brad and Tara said...

Ok, I already saw all these pictures on FB and they made me cry tears of joy for your family again! I am so glad that part one of this journey is complete. Now to get Big Brother HOME too!! THAT will be an AWESOME day-all FOUR of you back together!!!! Love you friend!!

Meliski said...

These pix made me cry! You don't know what a blessing it is to have your son hold you - trust you- like that. It took months to get that kinda bond with Eden. So happy for you three REALLY excited to see this again when all FOUR of you can be together!



Shannon said...

So happy for you guys!!!

erica said...

So excited that you're home! Congratulations! Love all the pics, and LOVE that Ethiopian flag! :)

Kim said...

beautiful!! welcome home!

Elle J said...

The post you have been waiting for years to write!! Welcome Home!! Your pictures are so awesome; they capture the love and excitement perfectly. Wooo Hooo!!!!

Alison said...

Oh, Debb!!! These pictures bring tears to my eyes! What a beautiful homecoming!!! Praise God!!!

April D said...

Those are some of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen. WELCOME HOME!!! So happy 1 son is home and the other isn't far behind. :)

Tanya M said...

Loved seeing your homecoming, and Caleb looking like such a stud in all the photos! He is home where he belongs, and I know BB will be home soon as well. Bless you guys!

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