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We have known our little sweet Kaleab since he was 2 months and 3 weeks old.  And now he is TURNING ONE TODAY!!!!!  {birthday party is next saturday....when daddy isn't on call}

Watching Kaleab grow up in pictures those first months were hard in the sense that we SO wanted him HOME with us!.  Yet, we are so THANKFUL to God that we have all of those pictures of him ~ Thanks to ALL of you who were kind enough to take him our care packages and shower him with LOVE while you were in ET for your children!!!!  The pictures we have are priceless and they helped us feel a part of his life from the beginning!!!!

We may not have had him home from so early on, but we did get to watch him grow up, and we are still praising God for that!!!  We are so grateful to have had Kaleab in OUR care the last two months!!!!!  AND NOW HE IS HOME!!!  FOREVER!!!


There is so much that I already LOVE about you, sweet baby!  I love how soft your beautiful brown skin is.  I love those gorgeous big brown eyes of yours.  I love your big loose curly hair ~ that can get so big if I don't put product in it.  I love kissing your super soft cheeks.  I love your precious little lips and your little chubby hands.  I love your cute little button nose.  I love your belly laugh that makes me laugh from deep down inside.  I love how you look into my eyes with such love.  I love how you cuddle and snuggle right into me.  I love how you crawl to me quickly for safety when Daddy or Big Brother chase you in fun.  I love your little dance moves any time you hear even a few notes of music.  I love listening to your sweet babbling sounds.  I love hearing you say "Mama" or "Dada" or "Dogin" {for doggie}.

You bless us so incredibly little boy!  It is our prayer that God equips us to help you become the great boy and man you were created to be!  May we be able to bless you in the way you are already blessing us!!!!



Elle J said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Kaleab!!! It has been a thrill and inspiring journey to watch your dear parents walk the path to YOU! You are a blessing to so many people, and we are all so thankful for your life. I pray for your year of happiness, milestones reached, and pure joy with your family. Much love, Kiddo ~ Elle J.

The Sherburne family! said...

Happy birthday sweet Kaleab!!!! We are so very thankful that you are here celebrating this milestone!!! So excited to see what our gracious God has in store for you, and SO looking forward to watching you grow! May this birthday and all the ones to follow be filled with love, laughter, and fun!!! You are so very loved and cherished. We love you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Kaleab! So happy for you and your loving family. :) Gayle

Jenni and Walt Marquez said...

What a splendid morning to awake, see the sunshine and know it is shining on our grandbaby lighting his first birthday. Happy Birthday, Kaleab. Love Sattie and Dub.

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st. birthday Kaleab. You are a miracle, a gift from God. You were meant to be Kaleab Marquez from the begining of time. You have been so worth the long wait that it has taken to bring you and your precious parents together. Bless you sweet baby boy.
With love,
Tri and Nancy,Brook and Andrea Robinson

Katie said...

Oh, sweet Kaleab! I can't believe you are ONE today! You will probably not even remember me, but we spent several weeks together in Ethiopia before your mom brought you home. Your mom has pictures of us together and with Ruby(our daughter from ET) and your big brother. I'm so happy you're able to celebrate your birthday at your new home. I have been praying for you for so long and will continue to do so. May God bless you and keep you healthy, happy and safe! Happy Birthday!!
Katie Reaser and Ruby (and Dennis, Trevor, Mason, Emma and Carter)

Carmen Druckenmiller said...

Happy happy happy birthday sweet Kaleab! Today is your first birthday and it's with 2 parents who love you SO MUCH! I don't know you personally, but hope to meet you someday at an AWAA reunion. You won't remember this celebration, but this is a DREAM COME TRUE for your parents. Next year, you'll have your big brother with you to help celebrate as well! Have a FANTASTIC day! God bless you and your family!

Garth, Carmen, Jeremiah, and Simon Druckenmiller

Natalia K said...

Wow, already a year! Happy birthday, little Kaleab! It has been such a roller coaster ride for your family and friends waiting for you to come home, but what joy now that you are here! We have not yet met you in person, but in pictures you have such a sweet, smiling, peaceful countenance, and I hope that never changes. Blessings to you on your very first birthday, as you celebrate with your mama and dada, and soon with your big brother! Can't wait to meet you sometime soon!

Love, Natalia, Yury, Noah, & Baby Girl

Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthday Sweet Kaleab! I have been friends with your mom for over 20 years! Even though I live far away (Wisconsin),I have been following your journey that brought you home to your mom and dad. I look forward to the day that my family and I can meet you! HAPPY DAY TO YOU! Love, Kirsten

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kaleab! You are true testimony that anything good in life is worth waiting for! You have brought so much joy to your momma and daddy! I pray that you continue to grow strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. You are adorable. Thank you Lord for this precious boy. We love you, Rick, Connie and Emily and RO and RA :)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Kaleab - I pray you will someday know how very much you were loved and prayed for by your mom and day before they had even seen your beautiful face. So thankful you are home with your forever family! Happy first birthday!! blessings - Karen Wistrom

sgowin said...

Happy first birthday, Kaleab! Do you know that you are so loved and precious to God that He put you in a mom and dad's hearts on the other side of the world to come get you and raise you as their own FOREVER!! You are not forgotten!!! I pray you always put your trust in this loving Lord because He will always be watching over you!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Precious Kaleab!! Though I have never met you, I have been praying for you for quite some time. I know that as your first birthday is here, your mommy and daddy are rejoicing for the most amazing gift God has given them! You are a blessing little one!! Happy Birthday

Richard Davis said...

Happy Birthday Kaleab!! It's hard to believe you're one year old already and even though you've only been home a month, it seems like you've always been with us. You have two of the best parents in the world!!

Toonefamily said...

Happy First Birthday sweet Kaleab. Watching you grow in pictures is a blessing, but we are especially looking forward to watching you grow in person! Your Mommy and Daddy have waited for this day for SO LONG! :) We hope you had a blessed day with your Mommy and Daddy! Next year your big brother will be home! What an exciting life! We hope your day was special and fun! YOu are loved sweet boy. SO LOVED! :) Can't wait to meet you!!!!
Love, Lee, Kylie, Macie and Baby Boy Ethiopia! :)

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