Monday, February 27, 2012

K's Birthday Was Fun!

Well, Kaleab's birthday was a very sweet day.

We were very glad we held off his birthday party until this coming weekend, because Daddy had to work all morning and into the afternoon!  He will be HOME all weekend this weekend!  Ready and able to help us celebrate Kaleab being ONE!!!

I am having FUN planning the monkey-theme party, though it is much more challenging to do so with our little peanut here.  I have much less time when all I want to do is play with and love on the birthday boy!  GOOD "problem" to have!  Trust me.....I'm am SOOOO NOT complaining!!!  {wink inserted here}

Kaleab and I had an especially cuddly and giggly birthday morning.  I think he knew it was his special day!  Maybe it was my singing the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to him a bazillion times that clued him in.  He would just giggle and grin with a glow!

We helped our friend's little boy, Kent, celebrate his birthday for a short bit too.  Crazy that they were born on the same day the same year!

Amy and Ron were kind enough to try to get Kaleab 
to share in Kent's cake since it was his birthday too! 
Kaleab wasn't too interested.

Not sure why so many people want him to eat Kent's cake.

Then it was home for good family time.
We got to Skype with the grandparents from both sides and talk with Aunt Molly! 

Kaleab swinging in his new car swing from Jeff's parents.  Daddy's arms got tired before Kaleab was ready to be done swinging!  He loves it!  THANKS, Sattie and Dub!

 Feeling pretty precious, I think he is!
His shirt says "My 1st Birthday"
(Boy do I look like a dork!)

Kaleab and Daddy celebrating our little man.

Sweet Baby Kaleab had fun dreams that night I am sure.  And boy, did he sleep HARD and LONG!  I think we wore him out!  Poor little fella.  Just think how tired he will be this Saturday night after HIS birthday party!


Mandie said...

What a sweet special day. You all look so wonderful (no dork in any of the pictures!!) You are so blessed.

josh said...

Soooo cool to see these family pictures of you guys. Looks like Kaleab praising god sitting in your lap. Can't wait to celebrate this Saturday.

Marty said...

Here's to many more dorky looking days! HA! Your beauty as a fulfilled Mom is ALL that shows. SO HAPPY for your family. Am waiting IMpatiently to get updates on S. Because the "system" already knows you through Kaleab, does this mean you can bring S home much sooner without the same LOOOOOOOONG process?

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