Friday, January 27, 2012


Everyone's prayers are working!!!! 

I cannot believe today is Friday!!! God has SO sustained me EACH and EVERY day of these weeks! What I have experienced is a true miracle!!!!  I literally felt as though I could not even stand, say nothing about parenting our baby and bonding with our older son!  I couldn't imagine getting Kaleab ready by 9am and being gone each day until 5pm ~ visiting Big Brother and lunch in between....

...But I have experienced God empowering me and literally carrying me on His path!  I have been able to dive into each day and enjoy it for what it brings me, and {try to} not worry about the future!

He has blessed our days with wonderful play with Big Brother (BB) and the bond forming between me and BB and our two sons is beautiful!!!  Some of you commented that maybe my time here was to deepen BB's understanding of our love for him and that just might be one of the great things that comes from this extended stay!   Our driver commented yesterday how BB's face lights up when he sees us!

God has also blessed me with a solid understanding that it is not me and my independent self, nor is it even my dear and loving husband in whom I am to need.  It is my Heavenly Father.  God is ALL I need!  He removed Jeff and any ability I may have to take care of our court and embassy dates, and He left me here.  Alone.  With GOD as my only protector and provider.  The Lover of my soul.

And, indeed, He HAS protected, provided and loved.  Not just me, but Jeff in the US, and each one of our boys as well!  It has been beautiful!!!

After one week here without Jeff, I heard of our embassy fiasco, and learned that they gave her an embassy date almost two weeks away!  Seriously, I crumbled!  I couldn't imagine how I would ever face two more WEEKS here without Jeff!  And now, the weekend is approaching us with the birth mom interview around the corner on MONDAY! 

Please continue to PRAY THAT ALL GOES WELL ON MONDAY!!!! 

It is difficult to want to be HOME so BADLY! Yet, not want to say "see ya soon" to Big brother!!!!  Such a dichotomy of feelings!

Poor Kaleab......I am not doing much of anything we learned in Karyn Purvis training, in the sense of cocooning and staying home for multiple weeks, anyway. This little boy falls asleep in the van and wakes up at some new restaurant!  Poor guy! He is handling it awesome though! 

Well, he was until he got sick anyway.   He is on antibiotics for an ear infection and upper respiratory infection.  He vomitted up the medicine this morning, so I am not sure how much of it he got.  Could explain his fussiness today.  Aaaahhhhh, but BB was a great medicine.  He got Kaleab smiling and giggling and forgetting for a while that he was so sick.

IN LOVE WITH OUR BOYS!!!!! As hard as this has been, I mean it when I say they are SO WORTH IT!!!!! 

Now, as much beauty as I can see that is coming from this extended stay, my body is tired and I am more than ready to try to parent our baby in the luxuries of America.  PLEASE PRAY that God is going before us, paving the way for us to be cleared by embassy this MONDAY, January 30!!!!!  No more mess-ups, Lord, PLEASE!!!!  Not because our family deserves it, just because of your grace and mercy on us.  Please, Lord, Please!!!!  Let Monday be OUR day!!!!

If we are cleared, most likely my embassy interview will be Tuesday and it will then take two days to get Kaleab's visa.  We should be on a plane to HOME next Thursday, February 2nd!  All depending on how embassy goes!  May God be moving the embassy employee's heart already in favor of victory for our family!!!!!

Thanks to each and every one of you.  
You have been God's hands and feet to ME!!!  
And I have been truly BLESSED!!!


krissy said...

praying praying praying!!!

Meleah said...

It's wonderful to hear how God is working in all of your lives Debb. I believe that waiting is one of the hardest things we have to do in life and yet it is one of the things that we have to do the most of. It's such a nice thing to know that we can spend that extra time with the Lord and that He is ALWAYS with us. My dad used to remind me not to get impatient with delays because God always had a reason. Sometimes he was saving us from a car accident and sometimes from making a mistake that we would regret for the rest of our lives. No matter the situation, teaching us to trust that the Lord was working it for our good and not trying to rush things to get it just the way we wanted. Reading about all your experiences has shown me, once again, how much my Dad was right. Praying that things go smoothly for you this next week and that you can truly by home by Tuesday, February 2nd. Thanking the Lord for all that He is doing for your family. Take care and have an awesome day with your boys:).

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