Friday, December 2, 2011


Guess who will be spending CHRISTMAS with their SONS!  IN ETHIOPIA!!!  Yupper!!!  Jeff and I will be WITH OUR BOYS for both US Christmas as well as Ethiopia Christmas, which is January 8th!!!

We received word this morning that we have a January 3rd Court Date for our sweet "S!"  {Big Brother}

Kristen tried to call my cell this morning and when I didn't answer (didn't hear it), she called Jeff's cell.  He was walking into one of his hospitals and still had reception to take the call.  It was SO MUCH FUN for him to receive such a GREAT NEWS phone call!!!!  I have gotten all of the other calls, so this was a special treat for Daddy!  He was so excited to share the news with me, knowing it would lift me out of the "funk" I have been in since learning we would not get submitted to embassy until, most likely, December 28th.

Boy, did it EVER remove the heaviness in my heart, as well as the questions and doubt!!!  God had this beautiful plan in mind all along!!!!  CHRISTMAS WITH BOTH BOYS IN ETHIOPIA!!!!!

I cannot believe the details God has orchestrated!  Oh, YES I CAN believe it!!!!  Details that only God could bring together!

Jeff is already scheduled to have Christmas and New Years off this year!  I have vacation that I have to use this month ~ or lose it! ~ so I have time to get all the details together before we leave!

On top of this great news, we received today the I-171H form that show US government approval for a boy "Big Brother's" age!  We have been waiting for this for a few weeks now!  What a glorious day to receive it!!!  The blessings continue to pour in today!!!

Do you see how God coordinated Kaleab's embassy submission (and hopefully clearance!) to be right around Big Brother's Court Date!?!?!?!?!?  A.w.e.s.o.m.e!!!!!

All of this AND it looks like we will have time to visit BOTH boy's birth villages while in Ethiopia!!!!!

My heart is racing FAST with excitement!  I am OVERFLOWING with JOY!!!!

In pure amazement at our Heavenly Father!  How He coordinates so many details is beyond me.  I am just awed by all He has done, is doing, and will continue to do in our lives and in our family!



erica said...

WONDERFUL!!!!!! I am so excited for you, and I know that you will have the best Christmas ever!!! Isn't it just like God to give you an awesome Thanksgiving AND Christmas this year?!?! I love it!!!!! Can't wait to see those boys in your arms for good. Best of wishes as you look forward to your trip!

Meleah said...

That's amazing! I love how God works and often goes above and beyond what we ask and think:).

Elle J said...

I love seeing His perfect timing and plan - after all the question marks, to see His Glorious Plan revealed. Eeek, this is just so fantastic in every way. I can not wait to hear more, and see more, of your journey. What a blessing this Season has been - and what an amazing start to the New year!!! Congratulations!!! xo

Krohn Family said...

It gives me chills to see God's plan lived out through your adoption journey! God is so faithful and has orchestrated it all! I am SO excited for you guys - can't wait to see family pics! Praying for no more paperwork problems with Big Brother's court or either embassy submissions! Congrats guys and have an amazingly MERRY Christmas!

Shannon said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! I'm so happy for you Debb:) That is amazing!!!!!

ljwenn said...

I am Erica's mother. I often read your blog from hers. I am so excited for you that things are working out for you so well! I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas and New Years EVER!!!!

Alison said...

YAY, Debb!!! Amazing news!!! Love how God perfectly orchestrated this timing!!! What a fabulous Christmas!!!

April D said...

This is most excellent news!!! We also spent last ET Christmas en route to ET and it was so special. Emmanuel - God with us!

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