Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So what is a "Willow Tree Day," you ask???  It is a day FULL of blessings from sweet and thoughtful friends.  Here is how mine went at the end of my week last week......

I went to work and it was sweet Kristy's last day for treatment.  She came to the clinic carrying two beautifully wrapped presents in black, white and red paper and a precious bow with bells!  They were SO PRETTY I hated to tear off the paper and bow!

One box held the Willow Tree called "New Dad". You know how each item has a description that comes along with it?  Well "New Dad" had the message......"In awe and wonder of what's to come."  

The other box carried, "Mother and Son"....."Captiviating the bond of love between mothers and sons."  How beautiful is that!?!?!?  Choked up and teary Kristy exclaimed, "There is your family, Debb!  All four of you!"  Brought. me. to. tears!!!!!  SO BLESSED by you, Kristy!  And blessed by your amazing heart! 

So, I finish my day with a dance in my step and joy in my heart,  and make it home......only to find a box at our doorstep.  Jeff is always getting things delivered for work, so I thought nothing of it, until I saw MY name on the box!  This one was for ME!!!  {girlish giggle inserted here}

I immediately saw it was a dear friend, Lynne Elliot, whom I knew in college!  She has been SUCH an encourager throughout this journey to our boys!  Guess what it was!?!?!?!?........

The Willow Tree "Quietly"...."Quietly encircled by love."  It is a momma sitting with her baby and older child hugging her!!!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!?!?

WOW!  To be blessed once like this is AMAZING, but TWICE!?!?!?  With pieces that fit our family story so beautifully!?!?!?!?  I felt so LOVED!  Not just by my two precious friends, but also by God!  He knew that I needed a gentle sweet reminder that He IS orchestrating our family to be together!!!  

Keep in mind, we had learned that Kaleab would likely not be submitted to embassy until late December, and I was feeling sad about that.  This was also the day before we heard of "Big Brother's" January 3rd Court Date!

So, yes!  This past weekend was GRAND for me!  Basking in the love of my friends and their beautiful thoughtful hearts, and praising God for not only speaking to me through these two precious women, but then, the very next day gifting us a Court Date that will bring us to our boys for Christmas!!!!

Hope each of you had a good weekend as well!!!!!


Lindsey said...

I don't know if you want to risk it, but I saw on somebody else's blog that they painted the children chocolate!! Those are all so beautiful!!

So excited that you will be bringing your babies home SOON!!! :)

Lindsey (Fellow AWAA Mama)

Brad and Tara said...

We painted the face on ours brown, made it extra special!

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