Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Busy, Busy, BUSY!!!!

Wow!  This past week and a half have been FULL of knocking things off of my "To Do List!"
All great FUN!!!  Most fun I have had checking things off my list!  {big ol' smile}

Ordering Kaleab's Car Seat:  DONE!  {should arrive Saturday!}
Update ET Travel Packing List:  DONE!
Christmas Shopping:  DONE!
Wrapping of Presents:  DONE!
Shipping of Presents:  Almost DONE!

Now to begin the PACKING for our trip to our BOYS!!!!  LOVIN' LIFE right now!!!

My sweet friend, Kylie, reminded me of an eye-opening fact.  This is my LAST TWO WEEKS ~ EVER! ~ of not having our boy (or boyS!) HOME!!!!!  How EXCITING!!!!  SO MUCH still to be done before we go!  But Kylie also reminded me that this is my last two weeks to take time for myself to relax, read, pray, and relax some more!!!

Sounds weird, but that had not hit me before our chat last night.  I have been so focused on all that needs to be done, that fact hadn't registered yet.  HHHhhhhhhmmmmmmmm.....struggling to find items on my "To Do" List that I can scratch off and do when we get home.  Ha!  Okay, I guess cleaning mop boards and light switches can wait, huh!?!?!?  ;)

Well, here are a couple sweet pics we received today from Kris Huckaby, who just returned home from meeting their son and PASSING COURT!!!!!

We also received precious pics of Big Brother.....AND A VIDEO of Big Brother talking to us!...Telling us that he prays for us!!!  SO LOVE THIS BOYS HEART!!!!!  Melting.  My heart is melting!!!

SO MANY FAMILIES have passed court these past two weeks!!!  GO, GOD!!!!  PRAYING that this trend continues and carries over into our January 3rd Court Date for Big Brother!!!!

Also still praying that God blesses us with an embassy submission for Kaleab by Christmas!!!

Oh, Lord, I hate to ask for more, when you are blessing us in abundance, but I pray you will continue to watch over our CD and embassy submission and help expedite the bringing HOME of our BOYS!!!!

Wishing all of you a sweet Wednesday!!!


Kylie said...

Our talk helped reinforce what I know in my head but struggle to DO in my actions. :) I'll check in with you if you will with me! :) LOVE U!

SleepyMom said...

Congratulations on your very quickly approaching travel dates!!
By all means though do take your friends advice as hard as that is and try to enjoy everything you can think of that a person can't do with kids around. As much as you are longing to be a parent right now, the time comes all too quickly when you miss doing something that is suddenly really difficult to do while you are parenting a baby 24/7 or doing attachment parenting with you older one if that's the plan. I would seriously sit down and think really hard and make a list. Like have you had a haircut in the last month or gotten your teeth cleaned or done your favorite entertainment activity, focused 100% on your husband, talked or hung out with your dearest friends, done an activity with your husband that you enjoy doing together that in the future will probably be done solo while the other is on parent duty.... I can't tell you the number of things I was kicking myself for not getting around to before each baby was born and I was then literally attached at the hip with my constanly breast-feeding super duper mommy loving baby. By the time I was able to leave my son (even with my hubs) long enough for a scheduled haircut, I looked like a wooly mammoth. Wishing you a productive, joyful couple of weeks and perfectly smooth uneventful travels.
Merry Christmas!

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