Monday, December 19, 2011


What have we been up to these past few days?

Well, taking the sweet advice of others, of course!  Between making lists and trying to complete more tasks than I add to the list each day, we have been enjoying doing things that may be a bit harder to do once the boys are home!  {big ol' smile inserted here!}

Here is a quick peek into our past few days......

THURSDAY NIGHT our small group came over for some taco soup, brownies (thanks for bringing dessert, Andrea!), and great conversation.  It was so GOOD to see everyone!  Our dear friends Kate and Kyle brought their one week old son, Ti,  for dinner!  SUCH a sweet baby boy!
 Kyle, Kate and Brooks before baby Ti entered into the world!


 Jeff holding Ti the day after he was born.

Big Brother, Brooks, already enthralled by his little baby brother.....
{Okay, so I confess to forgetting to take pics when everyone was at the house, so Kate's FB pics had to do.  Thanks, Kate!}

Following dinner, we went to the Botanical Garden to see their incredible annual Christmas display of lights!  Thanks for taking the pics, Josh!  {I've GOT to get better at remembering my camera!}  As you can see, I have not yet lightened one of them up.
 So you can hardly tell, but this is me and Andrea.
Have to include this one because I love this friend so much!!!

Me and sweet Hubs.

It was a special night, indeed!  We are so blessed by each and every one of you in our small group!  We missed you, Howard and Miles families!

Speaking of being blessed.........

Don't you just LOVE how God unexpectedly intertwines lives!?!?!?  He has blessed me ABUNDANTLY through my new adoptive friends, "old" friends, family as well as through many of my patients {I am a physical therapist}.

FRIDAY NIGHT Jeff and I were blessed by with an evening with Frank and Sandy.  Who are these two wonderful peeps, you ask?  Well, at one point, Frank was my patient following a total knee replacement.  But he has become a lot more than just a patient to me.  He and his wife, Sandy, have become like family, and we were able to share Friday night with them!!!  It was sooooo fun!!!

First, before going to dinner, they gifted us this oh-so SOFT and ADORABLE blanket and pillow that Sandy made for Kaleab!  It has such cute little critters on it and she made a pillow for us to take to ET with us so that it will have the ET scent for Kaleab when we return home!
{Ok, just realized the blanket is upside down!  oh boy!}
Aren't the critters cute!!!???!!!

After much ooohhhhhing and aaaahhhing over this sweet gift of love, we went to dinner together.  Okay, gang, we are talking incredibly good Mexican food!  It was a quaint authentic restaurant that neither Jeff nor I had visited before......but will definitely be returning to!  THANK YOU, SANDY and FRANK!  It was such a special evening for us!  We cherish you both!  And look forward to many more sweet times with you when our boys are home!
 Our precious friends, Frank and Sandy.

Ha!  The blur indicates just how FAST this guy 
chops ingredients to make a GREAT guacamole!

SATURDAY MORNING was shared talking with a sweet adoptive friend, Randee.  We have been connected through our adoptions, though we are using different agencies, and we continue to enjoy the growth of our friendship.  I ask you to pray for this precious couple, as they await their referral for a sweet baby boy!  Click here to follow their journey to him!  THANKS, Randee!  It was like we went to coffee together!

SATURDAY NIGHT was like old times!  Our friend, Lisa, came over for dinner and a movie.  We've been friends for a long time {Lis was in our wedding} but sometimes life interrupts how often we get together with her like this.  All three of us were in our jammies, sippin' our hot apple cider with a bit of cinnamon/fireball whiskey thrown in!  This drink is called a Cinnamon Apple Jack, and it is GOOD!  I'm no expert on alcoholic drinks, but this was perfect for a cold winter night {even if there STILL is no snow}!

Well, it was fun to be productive toward getting ready for our trip to the boys ~ WE LEAVE IN NINE DAYS!!!! ~ but it was also fun to share time with such wonderful friends!!!

Hoping you all had a productive and FUN weekend too!  And that the love and friendship carries on into this Christmas week for all of us!!!


erica said...

Sounds like an awesome week!!! So glad that you are getting time to do some fun things at the last minute. Although we were so excited to go get our boys, a small part of me was grieving in a way because our family would never be the same again, and I knew we would have less time to be alone together. (Hope that doesn't sound too terrible - if so, that's not how I mean it.) :) It's great that you are creating some last "just the two of you" moments. We wish you so many blessings as you look forward to your trip!

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