Monday, December 12, 2011


MY OH MY!!!  Remember the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words"...???????

Oh, be still my heart!

Our sweet friends, Angela and Darrin, are in ET meeting and loving on their Josie girl.  And they visited our boys yesterday!!!!  It was so good to see Darrin playing with "Big Brother"in the yard of his orphanage!  We SO can't wait to be doing that too!!!!

Angela and Darrin live in OR and we already have plans to continue our friendship when our kiddos are HOME!  Including camping together in the summers!  And they told "Big Brother" to look forward to some fun camping!  AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!  When I read that it just melted me!  I hope it melted BB's heart too!  I hope it helped things seem even more real for him too!!!!

Oh, and even though I cannot show you "Big Brother's" pictures ~ yet! ~ I can show you a sneak peak at what pictures we woke up to in my inbox this morning!!!!

How PRECIOUS this is, to know that our friends were just loving on our boys!!!!  They also sent this ever so sweet picture of Ang and Darrin (holding their sweet Josie) and Kaleab with one of his nannies!!!!  SO PRECIOUS!!!!  I'd post it but I cannot.......until they pass court, that is!!!!  Please join us in praying that they pass court this week ~ DECEMBER 16th!!!!!

Oh, the blessings of adoption are abundant!!!!

THANK YOU, Angela and Darrin!!!!  We love you guys!!!

{P.S.  Momma and Daddy can't wait to go camping too!!!!}


Dan and Chrissy said...

That is awesome!!! I get so excited reading your are SO close to bringing your boys home!! : ) Praying we are all reading your Homecoming post very soon!

Christy. said...

Well we're in Oregon too so you'll have to see us when you see them!!! :) Where in Portland do they live?
SUCH FUN STUFF!!! I am so excited for you!!

Debb said...

YES! Christy!! YES!! An in -person meeting is in store for sure!!!!
Chrissy ~ so excited for you to be so close to seeing the face of your babe(s)!!!

Angela said...

I am just catching up on your blog! Love this and LOVE you!

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