Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Tone Are YOU Setting?

"I will praise the Lord at all times. I will constantly speak His praises"
Psalm 34:1

This is one of my devotions I received a while back from C. Rich.  I came across it again today.  Huh.  Guess God knew I needed it.  I've struggled to keep that inner Joy that comes from having great expectancy ~ but not expectations........and He wanted to remind me that HE IS IN THIS ADOPTION!!!!  HE HAS THIS!!!  He wants me to live with GREAT EXPECTANCY OF HIS FAVOR!  He wants me to continue in HOPE, TRUST and JOY!!!!

When you wake up in the morning, do you expect the goodness of God in your life? Do you set the tone for success, favor and blessing?

This last year may have had some hardships and difficulties, but it's time to set the tone for a new season.

Psalm 34:1 tells us that the darker it gets in the world, the brighter it's going to be for God's people. Things may be bad all around you. People may be negative, complaining, and discouraged, but don't let that spirit rub off on you. The worse it gets, the brighter you're going to shine. Be determined to set the tone for the new season by praising God and speaking words of faith over your future. As you do, you'll enlarge your vision and make room for God to do amazing things in every area of your life!

Father God, I choose to bless You at all times. I choose to set the tone to receive Your favor, grace and mercy. Thank You for Your faithfulness to me at all times! In Your name, amen.

May the Lord bless your day,


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