Sunday, November 13, 2011

Empower, Connect, Correct.

Wow.  Jeff and I returned last night from a wonderful training on how to EMPOWER our children, CONNECT with them, while also CORRECTING them.  All at the same time!

I must admit.  Jeff and I would have BY FAAAARRRRR preferred to have our baby boy home long before now ~ as well as wish we would have received a Court Date for Big Brother last week with everyone else.  However, neither of these have happened.  Yet.  Therefore……..

We are SO THANKFUL that during this VERY extended wait, God has blessed us with ways in which we can be productive with our time, and “dig deeper” into this role of Parenthood that He has blessed upon us.

Remember how we went to the Empowered to Connect conference in Denver this Spring?  Well, we just returned from a more intense training of this parenting perspective based on Dr. Karyn Purvis’ 10 years of research in the field of child psychology.  The days were long (8:30 to 8:30), but oh was the time precious and worth it!

WE FEEL SO BLESSED to have been able to receive such incredible training from Michael and Amy Monroe!  Not only are our hearts FULL of compassion for our kiddos, our heads full of wisdom based on valid research, but our bellies are STILL full from ALL the GOOD food Amy made sure was available throughout the whole weekend!  I still haven't felt hungry since leaving Texas yesterday afternoon!  I’m serious!  They do it up right over there in Texas! {smile} 

Here are a few pictures of one of our dinners!  We all went to La Hacienda Ranch, just a few miles away from the church met at each day.  The word DELICIOUS doesn't do it justice! 

 Enchiladas, Texas style!

 Fajita Platter! pie with cinnamon ice cream and 
some kind of YUMMY carmel-butter sauce!
(Any concern regarding sugar and calories was out the window!)

We met so many amazing couples who are also on this blessed journey of adoption.  Some were already home with their kiddos and three of us couples are parents-to-be!  One family was expecting, another was five months into being DTE, and then there was us! 
 Sweet Kelsey and Ted ~ 
5 mos DTE and live in Oregon!  
Love you guys!  
We kept hearing people say how they wish they had known this parenting approach before now.  The three of us couples, who have not yet parented, were SO THANKFUL to have this information before we learned our own way of doing things!  Not to disregard the benefit of  parenting experience, but also finding the bright side of having less to “unlearn” so-to-speak.

Along with making new and lasting friends, we delved further into our 7 weeks of pre-training, and learned of ways to bring this parenting perspective to other parents.  Michael and Amy were so thorough in their teaching ~ they even helped each couple begin strategic planning on how and when we can begin providing support to other adoptive families!

Wow!  Such a rich time in Texas!

Ironically, Dr. Karyn Purvis teaches and researches at Texas Christian University.  Yes, you got it.  The very team that beat our Boise State Broncos yesterday!  By ONE point, mind you, 36-35!  Yes, the very team that broke our amazing 35-game home running streak!  The very team that put us out of the running for a BCS game as well as a MWC Champion title!  Oh, how this sours my tummy!  {Michael, we sooo wanted your Alabama team to play our BSU, so you could hear OUR school anthem!}

Nontheless, as frustrated as we are with TCU football,  we cannot help but PRAISE the GOOD that is coming out of that school via Karyn Purvis, MD!!!  Her research is amazing and life-changing for so many families!

We THANK The Monroes’ for their generosity of time and for their dedication.  They so firmly believe in the GOOD for this parenting approach, that they dedicate as much to this ministry as if it were there full-time job!

And they believe in it so strongly that they are happy to have us share what we can with all of you, our friends, family and fellow bloggers and adoptive families!  I’m not sure where to begin with ALL of the information, but I am happy to share with you in future posts!

Hope you all had a blessed and special weekend.  May you feel refreshed and energized to begin your week!

Tonight, Jeff and I pray for our sweet boys in ET.  May we hear THIS WEEK  that Big Brother has a Court Date for December!  And, although unlikely, we continue to pray that we hear the miraculous melody that God touched the heart of a Mowcya member, and our APPROVAL letter for Baby K will get written this week!  

Dream big!  Pray Hard, right!?!?!? 


Anonymous said...

Debb- Thought I would send a "hello" your way and let you know I am still praying for you and those boys! I am amazed at what our Lord is doing in and through this journey! Blessings to you both as you continue in this wait. Soon, Debb, you will have a v.e.r.y. busy house! You are gonna love it! :) :)

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