Monday, November 7, 2011

More Love Poured Down!

Wow!  I was SO BLESSED by my dear friends at work!!!
They threw me a shower too, on October 26th!

I am stunned when I think of how many precious people our son's already have in their lives, praying them HOME!!!  Seriously, girls, I am so darn lucky to be able to work alongside each and every one of you at Foothills PT!!!  You make me laugh, you lift me up when the road seem long, and you brighten my days just by being YOU!!!

THANK YOU for loving me and wanting to shower me with your love and friendship!  It was SUCH a sweet shower!  And Teresa, I hope you let you mom know how MUCH I LOVED the decorations!

As much fun as it was, we need to do a girls' night more often, gang!

THANKS for your generosity, your friendship, your love and prayers.  You really do help me get through the tough days, and you genuinely share in the JOY of this journey to our sons!

Here is a sneak peak at the fun evening!
 Tanya, Teresa, Michelle, Lisa

 See the stork in the background?
Teresa's mom made it....
........with a brown skinned baby in its mouth! =)

 Dana, Teresa, Kathy, Linda 

 Michelle, Lisa, Pam, Dana, Teresa

Danielle and me 
(with a mommy-to-be hat they gave me!)



Unknown said...

YAAAAAAAY!!! Loooooove see'n ya showered with loads of LOOOOVE while you wait to bring your sweeeeet boys HOME!!! ...How much fun it's going to be to put on their new clothes, tie their new shoes, read them books.... Just to be their Mommy EVERYDAY.... FOREVER!!!! PRAYING THEM HOME with ya!

Anonymous said...

nice post thanks for sharing...loves...

Unknown said...

So much fun...I love it!! Soon mama, soon!!

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