Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Oh, how FUN it is to re-connect with a dear friend!  That is exactly what I got to do one Saturday afternoon a number of weeks back.  My dear friend, Cheryl, was in town and we got to spend the afternoon catching one another up on our fun summers, families and futures.

Although we get to chat on the phone whenever we want to (which is never often enough), it was such a special treat to be sipping on coffee sitting right next to one another!

 Oh, and how sweet!!!  She came with gifts for sweet Baby "K!"

Funny ~ when she was visiting, we shared our hearts for a boy we met while in Ethiopia, and that we were waiting for chance to review the file for "Big Brother!"  She was pretty stoked for us!  Cool to see how that all has since come to be a REALITY!!!!

THANK YOU, Cheryl!  For taking the afternoon with me!  And Jeff and I (and soon Baby K) THANK YOU for the wonderful outfits you gave us!  I will think you you every time we dress him in these!!!!


Your friendship is a priceless gift in my life!


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