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This has been tough to swallow.  We were called last Thursday and told by our agency that we were going to have a court date, and that AWAA anticipated the court date being some day this week!

Soooo, of course I got SUPER excited at the thought of FINALLY passing court and having BABY K be officially and legally OUR SON!!!!  W-e-l-l........we didn't get a date Friday.  Nor Monday.

And as those of you on Facebook already know, we DID get a date assigned to us yesterday, BUT we are DEVASTATED with how far away the Court Date (CD) is!!!!  We are assigned a CD for November 24th!!!!  YES, that means our baby boy will grow yet ANOTHER month older with NO PROGRESS made toward bringing him HOME!!!!!  I am crushed.

Adding to the devastation, is the realization that a CD that late will make it nearly impossible for him to make it home by Christmas!!!!  Now, I have not forgotten that we have a God who can do ANYTHING ~ "For nothing is impossible with God!"  Luke 1:37.  But things are looking grim from my human perspective.

The intent for the second CD is for MOWCYA to write their letter and for the judge to reassess our case, with the HOPE of finally passing court!!!  It has been 112 days since we went to court in Ethiopia!  Cannot BELIEVE that we have still not passed......and have no chance of doing so for ANOTHER 23 more days!!!  {major frown inserted here}

Suffice it to nerves are worn thin.  My hope ebbs and flows.  My heart deeply aches.  My arms YEARN to hold our baby boy!  Oh, yes, and keep in mind.......if court does not assess our case until then, this delays when we get to spend time with Big Brother too!  Which delays when his CD can be, which in turn, delays when he can come home too!!!!

My drive to wake up in the morning is nil.

Learning of this news yesterday morning, my dear, sweet husband allowed me to "check out" yesterday after work, and just do whatever it was I needed to do ~ curl up and cry, withdraw form the world, pray, do mindless activities..........until it was time for bed.

I ate lots and lots of chocolate (Halloween leftovers) last night, and that didn't even soothe my soul!  (May have to try that one again tonight! Ha!)

I WILL say THIS though.......we received precious precious pictures of BOTH our sons ~ when? ~ Yesterday!!!  Our first pictures of Big Brother being visited on our behalf!  Pictures of him receiving his very first care package!  Oh, how it melted my heart to see the big smile on his face as he showed his family photos to his friends!  Melt. my. heart!!!  We even got to see his silly side as he enjoyed wearing the goofy glasses we sent in the care package!

Oh, and Baby K......wowzer!  Growing and changing.  And still so precious and cute!!!

We are SO BLESSED by these boys!!!  Thank you, God!!!

Amazing.  God knew that I was going to NEED to look into the faces of our sweet boys to regain strength to endure this.  For them.  I can do anything for my boys!  Even this.

Only because I need to do this.  I have no choice.

THANK YOU, Shannon DeVol, for sending us our precious pictures on just. the. right. day!!!!

In addition to the sweet photos, we also received TWO presents from our near and dear fellow AWAA adoptive friends, Angela and Darrin Ditchen!!!  SUCH a surprise!  They sent us the lamp and wall pic that totally matches our nursery safari bedding and theme!

WOW!  Blessed beyond what we deserve!  Your friendship is such a precious present in itself, Ang and Darrin, and we cannot THANK YOU enough for these sweet gifts!  We will think of you every time we see them in his room!  {huge grin inserted here}

So, there you have it.  I have been quiet on this blog for a reason.  I am trying to keep my eyes on God.  Knowing that nothing surprises our Heavenly Father.  Not even this.  Knowing that He is still in control ~ not the people writing our letter!  Reminding myself of God's faithfulness.  As once again proven by the many precious souls He blessed me with on Facebook.

FB friends, please know that your comments yesterday helped my breathe.  They literally helped me make it through my day.  YOU helped me keep my eyes of the Lord.

I am eternally grateful and indebted to all of you who are walking this long and rocky road with me!  I hate to even thing about where I would be without each one of you!

And I certainly don't want to know what this journey would be like without our Loving Heavenly Father.  Lord, please know that I desire to remain on your path.  No matter how rocky and gut-wrenching this path seems to be right now, I don't want to be outside of your plan.  Thank you for understanding my weakness and frustration.  Thank you for carrying me these days when I feel I cannot even stand on my own.  Thank you for moving the hearts of the people working on our case ~ may you find a miraculous way to get them to move the court date up to an earlier day.  And may you continue to bless our boys.  Nurture them, Lord.   Love them.  Protect them.  Please be with them. 
In Jesus' name we pray,


Elle J said...

Thinking of you ...
Praying for you ...
Sending you hugs from afar ...

Wife said...

My heart is aching for you Debbie... I remember feeling just the way you are feeling, wondering and hoping. I think I wrote a post about putting them back in His mighty hands!! I pray that you will continue to do that as you have already done!! <3

candice said...

((HUGS)) to you Debbie! I wish I didn't know exactly how you feel, but sadly I do and IT STINKS! I know how much you miss your boys and the ache that just never seems to go away and I pray that God would be gracious to you as you wait.
It has been 404 days since we first met our kids and we have many months left still. I too am trying to trust His perfect plan for our kids as we wait!

Unknown said...

Sweet, precious friend...I am praying for you!! This reminds me so much of our Cana..she was suppose to be home by Christmas and wasn't. But I promise you that God's timing is perfect and I KNOW you know this but it still hurts. Praying for peace...praying for a miracle!!!

Sidenote...I saw someone wearing one of your shirts at Together 4 Adoption :)

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