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Can you say BEST SHOWER EVER!?!?!?!?  My sweet friends, Amber and Allison, threw me a shower last weekend (October 22, 2011), and it was SUCH a precious day!!!

I cannot even BEGIN to thank the two of them as well as EVERYONE who attended!!!  I am still in awe of the WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC friends I have!!!  Several different moments I would take a second to scan the room full of thirty AMAZING women, and THANK GOD for so many precious souls who are not only incredible and genuine friends, but are also so stinkin' excited for us to bring our BOYS HOME!!!!!

Whenever I stop to consider how many prayers are being said on behalf of Jeff and me and Baby K and Big Brother "S," I am stunned.  God has surrounded us with the most supportive, real, genuine, passionate people we could ever hope to travel alongside on our journey to our boys!  Each and every one of you ~ and those who wanted to attend but could not ~ you have NO IDEA just how very MUCH your prayers, thoughts, positive energy and support have meant to us!

You have lifted me when I felt low.  Inspired me to continue to believe, when doubt would creep in.  Encouraged me to keep my eyes on the Almighty Creator, who has never once left the director position of our family story.  You have given me love when I felt forgotten.  Friendship when I needed to laugh, cry our just plain shout.  Each and every one of you have shared in our journey, and I cannot THANK YOU enough!!!!!

Oh, the JOY of having you meet our sons!  Oh, the blessing of having you involved in their/our lives!  Oh, the gratitude I feel deep down, for every single one of you!!!!

I will admit, there were days when I would ask God if I would ever walk out of BabiesRUs with items for OUR children.  If a shower would ever be held for OUR kiddos!..........

Never could I have imagined how beautifully this shower for Baby K would quickly become about celebrating TWO sons!!!  TWO!!!!!  We learned of "Big Brother five days before the shower!!!  A sweet present in itself!  THANK YOU, GOD!!!!

Feeling DOUBLY blessed by our TWO boys, and eternally blessed by each of YOU ~ friends whom I hope to grow old with!!!!!

THANK YOU for showering me and our boys with your love!  THANK YOU for sharing in our Joy!  THANK YOU for walking this journey with us ~ holding our hands, and yes, even carrying me at times.


Words cannot express the joy of the day!  Nor can they explain the beautiful details Amber put into the decor! 

Allow me to share with you some pictures of a precious day where love rained down!
Allison, me, Amber
(the great hostesses)

Me and MIL, Jenni!

Amber had everything looking so pretty!

Sweet mantle decor....

     The banner matched the invite!

Jenni made this AMAZING diaper cake!!!

 Last minute details.....Allison, Amber, MIL Jenni and Caycee! 

My teary attempt to share with everyone how VERY MUCH they mean to me!

 Maril, me, Laura.

Krista, me, Andrea.

 Jenni, me, Vicki (childhood friend of Jenni's)!

 Me and Sarah.

  Sweet little Maude, Erica, Julie and her sweet Lucy, Mallory and me.

 Alyson, Maude and me.

 Kare-bear, me, Amber.

Me and Connie-girl.

Me and Karie. 
 Check out the Shabby Chic house Amber has!

 Kate, Karie, Natalia, Tanya, Mallory, Andrea, Erica, Krista...

 Dianna, Melissa, Julie, Jess, Morgan.

BEST adoption book EVER!  Thanks, Kate!

 Me and Annie (the recycle queen!)  =)

 THANK YOU, Mom!  Love the babyfood maker!

 Ok, so we didn't think of a group shot until over half of you were gone, 
but know that the presence of ALL of you made my day! 

 "Big Brother League!"  Perfect! 


  Laura, Annie, Caycee, me, Allison
(Amber and Melissa in background)

 LOVED the invite!

 The PURE JOY on my face pretty much sums up the day!!!!
(photo compliments of Maude!)


Alison said...

What a great shower, and what sweet friends and family you have!!! Looks like it was a fun day!!!

erica said...

Looks like it was a beautiful shower! I can't wait until your boys are home, and the 4 of you are together for good! :)

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