Friday, November 4, 2011

Let Faith Arise...

I REALLY hope you take the time to scroll to the bottom of my blog to "pause" my playlist, and then come back up here and click the "play" button.

I was driving around for errands this morning, after having a sweet time of morning coffee with dear friends, Erica and Mallory (and running into my wonderful friend, Frank!).  This very song came on over the car radio.

And it filled my being. To the core.

I had to keep my hands on the steering wheel, but I was lifting my hands in spirit, as I listened to these words.  And tears strolled down my face.

I'm lifting my hands to the Heavens...........

........and I AM feeling my Faith Arise!!!!!!!

THANK YOU for praying, gang!  I feel it!!!

Waiting on you with a renewed Faith, Heavenly Father!  THANK YOU for not turning against me when I am feeble and weak ~ and my "wait meter" is plum empty.  THANK YOU for, instead, loving me gently and refueling me with YOUR strength and power!



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